For those who feed birds....

Jo Canadian
There's more to worry about than just Squirrels in your birdfeeder:

I had to stop feeding the birds, not because of Bears but rats. Whilst doing my yoga in the sun room a couple months back I saw moment at the feeder and went to look and Holy cow, three very large rats were eating breakfast. Freaked me out, I hate rats. Screaming loudly I tried smacking the window, nothing- I got the dog to bark they just sat at the feeder looking at me and I swear one of the rats gave me the finger. I moved the feeder closer to the neighbours property, I bought the house five months ago and I figured the rats were older than five months ergo part of the hood so the neighbour can keep them.
Hank C
why not whip out the kids pellet guns or your trusted .22 and show those rats whos boss an added bonus, you wont have to worry about you stew meat for dinner.
I don't have any kids. The other half gave both his rifles away when he married me. He was afraid I'd use them. I asked the neighbour if I could borrow his rat terrior but he said no.

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