Later Peeps!

I'm heading to N.B. for a little R & R for the next week or so. I don't know if the internet has made it down there yet :P so might not be able to check in.

Take care of this place while I'm gone! Later!

I think not
Have fun Mike, enjoy and relax.

I'll try and keep Haggis out of trouble, although no promises, she has this "thing" with torture chambers I hear. *shudders*
Pix, MMMike ... we want pix when you come home!!

Haggis has everyone whipped into shape ... I'm even having a bit of a vacation myself these days. I caught her act earlier today ...

Have fun!!
Haggis McBagpipe
Hey , hey, hey, MMMike, I checked my records and found no request for leave. You're as bad as ITN, just wandering off whenever you feel like it. Fill out Form 352, Form 222, Form 58976, and Form 23423, which will get you in queue for taking leave.

Have fun on your holiday, AWOL or not, and Cosmo is right, bring back pics. No, not the nekkid ones, the scenic ones. No, they are NOT the same thing, Mike!

ITN, I'll use no torture chamber before its time . . . but it's time. We really do need to catch Jay and toss him in.
Libra Girl
Have fun MMMike..
Bye, MMMike!
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