Man saved by pigeon poo


A MAN who plunged 30ft down a mill chimney survived — by landing in 6in-deep PIGEON POO.

Phil Harrison scaled the disused chimney in pursuit of a hawk that escaped from a pal’s aviary.

But as he grabbed the bird at the top, wire mesh supporting him gave way — and Phil, 52, plummeted down the shaft.

He would have died but for a soft landing in a thick covering of pigeon droppings that built up over the years.

Phil, of Cleckheaton, West Yorks, still broke his neck in the fall. But he managed to keep hold of the hawk — and would not let rescuers move him until he was sure the pet was safe.

Firemen had to dig through the basement to reach him.

At first doctors feared he would never walk again — but he is now expected to make a full recovery.

His pal, the hawk’s 41-year-old owner Alan Webster, climbed the chimney with him.

He said: “It’s amazing to think his life was saved by a few inches of bird droppings."