Okay this could be offensive to some.

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I love white bread but it is nutritionaly void, it has no positive qualities.

Not necessarily. I read in the Globe&Mail this morning that the soon to be released new version of the Canada Food Guide recommends daily consumption of white bread, as long as it's made from enriched white flour. "Enriched" just means they put back some of the nutritionally good stuff they removed in the bleaching process that turns it white. Just stay away from the plastic stuff like Wonder Bread. You can compress a whole loaf of that into a pellet the size of a golf ball, and eat it. Don't put a lot of liquid into your stomach for a couple of hours though, or that loaf might expand back to its original size. You could explode. Go for the locally made French or Italian loaves at your local grocery store, or find a local bakery (got Buns Master where you live?) and buy their white bread. It's the mass produced commercial crap you need to stay away from.

Or you could make your own. It's not hard, it just takes a few hours one day to make all the bread you'll need for a week, unless you're a real glutton for the stuff. My wife has a lovely recipe for French bread that has never failed for us, it takes about three hours from start to finish, though most of that time is just waiting for the dough to rise so you could be posting a hundred comments in Canadian Content's fascinating forums in the meantime, and it's really excellent white bread. Want the recipe? I'll cheerfully post it here if anyone's interested. And if I can find it in the recipe file.
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I new there was a reason, thanks for pointing it out, I got divorced and cancelled my insurance.Fried egg sandwiches are a favorite of mine too, I make them with muti-grain bread and the little millionaires sardines plus cheddar cheeze, christ now I,am hungry and it,s to painfull to eat with this bloody tooth.

Speaking of which, how is that tooth this morning, Beaver? Just one day to go then you can reward yourself with not one but TWO fried egg sandwiches!

I don't know about fried egg sandwiches on multi-grain, though. Fried egg sandwiches MUST be made with white bread, it's a law of nature, I'm sure of it.
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it's really excellent white bread. Want the recipe? I'll cheerfully post it here if anyone's interested. And if I can find it in the recipe file.

Yes! By all means post it, Dex! Maybe post in in our Food, Cooking and Recipes area then let us know by posting a link to it here?
Thanks but I hate cooking, If I have to take it out of a box that is classified as gourment cooking. I once went 7 months without grocery shopping, the other half was on a 8 month posting. Yes you can live on Peanut butter sandwiches. I also love Dulse and it is a great source of iron for those of us who don't like beef. I can't seem to get use to Whole Wheat bread, it taste awful. I am told it grows on you.
Dexter Sinister
I have done the deed. It's posted here
yeh I like all the breads you got, esp. fried bannock! with butter or jam. Great fast snack but not for the health cautious.LOL

Raisin bread! It has fruit in it.
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Sassy, I was the same ... only white bread tasted good. Last January, I visited my brother in Italy and he doesn't eat white bread so I got hooked on pumpernickel rye bread and avocado and u can add chicken, lettuce, tomatoes etc..(Now i am hungry)
And believe me the pumpernickel bread from Sobeys and Safeway are 10X better than the ones in Italy..
Cheese bread, because it has the cheese already embedded in it..it's almost as tasty as raisin bread
How about a cheese sandwich made with raisin bread- you could add honey too.
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