1 Wrench + 1 locked door = BnE

Work has actually given me some cool ideas for some software I'm going to write.. odds are I'll give it to them for internal use... Don't know if I'll be able to distribute it or not... We'll see..

Anyways on with the story..

The new apartment is a basement apartment... You come in the one locked door and down the stairs is the enterance to my apartment. So we went to leave the other night and we have two locks on our door... The bottom one (in the door knob) we don't have a key for.. so we only lock it when we're here... I accidently locked it because I was in a rush... So we ran to my office (5 minutes away)... The building was locked (and I'd locked my key cards in the house of course)... So we waited and tailgated someone into the buiding... Then we went up to my company's suite... (We being my gf and I)... I banged on the door and buzzed (card + fingerprint are needed to get in)... someone answered (thankfully someone was still there) so I borrowed some lock picks and came back... over the next hour or so I successfully picked the lock three times but determined that it was damaged because the lock just wouldn't release...

So we ran to Walmart (I'd noticed that the hinges were on the outside of the door)... we bought some things we needed... and then a hammer + screw driver (to remove the hinges) and a wrench set (it had one of those big 6 position big jawed wrenches in it)... (On a side note I also go some very slick 20KM FRS/GMRS Radios, I'm hoping they will inspire the gf to venture out of the house alone... then again prolly not)... So we got back home (10PM by this point.. I got home at around 5:45ish).. I took the hinges off but the door still wouldn't move... I then got pissed and decided to throw my weight around.. I laid on the floor and booted the door handle until it was loose... Then I gripped it with the big wrench and heaved... It bent quite a bit... Then I used side cutters (also in the wrench set) and cut away the plastic cover... I then ripped again and pulled the handle off... Then I gripped the backing plate that the inside knob bolds to and ripped it off.. then I pushed the lock out the other side, slid over the latch and pulled the door open... Of course I'd forgot to put the hinge pins back in so it fell on me but after I put the hinge pins back in it was fine... I replaced it with the new lock we'd bought (see I thought ahead) and all was good...

It was a hell of a night... A locksmith prolly would have been easier and maybe cheaper when you factor in transportation to and from Walmart, the tools and the new lock assembly but we didn't have anything to prove it was our address and no method of contacting our landlord (no one even came out as we were breaking in.. (our neighbours that is)... how sad is that)..

Anyways.. that's my story..

I remember doing something similar, many years ago, however, I used a spare tyre from the car and a 5 metre run-up. Went crashing through the door, breaking the doorjam and reveal, which took me 2 hours to fix properly. Luckily, the 8 sq. ft glass pane RIGHT next to the door didnt shatter. Still, the motto is: never lock oneself out of house, if at all possible.
I have since learned to allow another family member to own a spare key, which allows for simple reentry.
Oh sorry- I thought the title was 1 WENCH and a locked door.....
LOL.... corteZ

it's 1 witch + 1locked door
lol jetgO

but is it witch with a W or with a B ?
I have a fairly similar story but it involves my kid's bike.

So, we lived in Mississauga at the time, having moved from a smaller, nicer town. So my kid runs off to the store and comes back all sad cause his bike was stolen. We think that's the end of his bike.

One day, in the drive thru line at Tim Hortons my kid yells out "Hey that's my bike". His bike was locked to a pole right beside the Tim Horton's. Hmm, what to do. We ask around, no one knows who owns the bike, so here goes Greta to Crappy Tire.

The guy in the hacksaw section is nice and young. So the convo goes like this:
G: Pssst, hey buddy.
D: S'up
G: Help me steal a bike.
D: Huh?
G: I gotta steal this bike and need a hacksaw to cut through the lock.

Needless to say, he was very shocked but still sold me the proper hacksaw. Back to the bike I go.
Husband starts (he was watching the bike while I was buying the hacksaw) hacking away at the lock. Don't forget we are still in the Tim Horton's drivethru (meaning hundreds of witnesses). Every so often husband yells out "This better teach you not to lose your bike key" and **** so it doesn't look like we're stealing it.

Good times.
Nah, that's not so bad, my ex wife locked my daughter in the car. I wish had a camera to take a picture of my daughters expression, sitting there, strapped in her car seat thinking, are you that stupid?
The answer is yes.
Without going into any details[trade secrets ], I have opened many doors using only a smallish screwdriver. These were those so called security doors,too. The smaller Stanley straight bar also does the job.

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