Poodunnit: UK uses DNA testing to fine dog mess owners

Daily Mirror, UK

Jan Disely

The Isle of Man

A NEW weapon has been unveiled in the war against dog mess - DNA testing.

Poo dumped in public will be scooped up and analysed.

Results will be compared to DNA taken from the doggie suspect by police.

If there is a match, they will prosecute - with fines up to £1,000.

Trials of the DNA tests are being held on an estate on the Isle of Man where “you can’t walk in a straight line” for mess. WPC Faith Cooper, who patrols Clagh Vane in Ballasalla, said: “It’s a massive problem. It gets caught in pram wheels and trodden into shops.”

Dave Barron, the local Commissioners’ clerk, added: “We don’t have to sit around waiting for the dog to do its business as the DNA equipment can match the dog and the poo.

“The problem is catching dogs in the act. I cannot prosecute without somebody telling me who, where and when.”

The police have asked for tip-offs to be left on the Crimestoppers line.

Meanwhile, mum-of-two Nicola Bell, 32, wants a DNA test on poo she denies her dog Pippin deposited at a park near her home in Preston, Lancs.

She will not pay a £50 fixed penalty.

Haggis McBagpipe
I have to wonder if the new law will have any real bite to it.
The Gunslinger
You would think governments would have something better to do than to fine people over dog crap, sheesh.
A similar gas chromatography testing is being developed for farts.
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