A little grassroots action is needed here.

NB, some words you will need to read backwards, since I really don't want this site to be dennab in China (I'd lose all my friends in Canadian Content).

As some of you might know, I can't access aidepikiW, seitiCoeG and all kinds of other sites because rehtorB giB cares so much about me

Could you all do me a favour and start a noititep. I've noticed that most websites, when in neither Chinese nor English (and sometimes French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Japanese) are generally not dennab in China, since the srosnes are generally not capable of reading any language other than English or Chinese (and sometimes French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Japanese).

The problem with (aidepikiW), however, is that while it is multilingual, it includes both an English and a Chinese (as well as perhaps French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Japanese) version as well. Now should a parallel aidepikiW be created, identical to the current one but minus the Chinese and English (and perhaps French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Japanese) versions, and in a separate URL from the current one, it would likely not be dennab since the srosnes could not read it anyway

As for seitiCoeG, I don't know if versions exist in other languages. If so, however, then in the event that they do the same by creating a parallel version, on a separate URL which would nnab the use of Chinese, English, French, Russian, Arabic and Japanese, then that version of seitiCoeG would likely not be banned either.

And the same would go for any other website currently dennab by rehtorB giB .

Now sinse I cannot contact them from here for obvious reasons, could you start a noititep by e-mailing and encouraging others to e-mail them to ask for this to be done, to create a parallel version minus the major languages.

This would certainly go far in granting more access to information to at least those people who can read and understand less spoken languages, which would certainly be a step in the right direction.

Thank you.