fox hunting

i write an article about fox hunting and so also about the history. This is a part of it:"Using scent hounds to track prey dates back to Assyrian, Babylonian and ancient Egyptian times, and is known as venery. The Norman hunting traditions were added when William the Conqueror arrived, along with the Gascon and Talbot hounds; indeed, the traditional hunting cry 'tally ho' derives from the Norman French equivalent of 'il est haut' (he is up); ie. the stag has started running. By 1340 the four beasts of venery were the hare, the hart, the wolf and the wild boar. The five beasts of the chase were the deer, the doe, the fox, the marten and the roe."
Can some one tell me, what is meant by venery ? Please tell me!
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thank you very much. in our german dictionaries was only love.
No problem.
Jo Canadian
You know I've never understood the traditional English version of Fox hunting. Gallavanting through the fields and forest with a cavalry of 6-12 horses and the double amount of dogs is just...yeah.

I'm sure it's fun, but the challange would not be much in the hunt but rather not getting thrown from your horse while tearing through the woods, and perhaps trying not to have your horse trample the horde of dogs. I guess you would need dogs to sniff out the buggers since 10 horses wouldn't have a snowballs chance in hell on sneaking up to a fox.
The objective is to chase the fox to death. Kinda like a hockey with a living puck that has its own mind that tries everything to get away but eventually collapses from exhaustion and gets ripped appart by a pack of mad dogs.

Good clean fun.

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