What would you consider the worst job you have ever had.

While working my way through school I did a number of wierd jobs here are the most memorable.

The most disqusting: that would be cleaning Charter Buses after a Male Hockey team would charter the bus for tournements, yuk--you would not believe what these lads spewed forth. I lasted four months, yuk and double yuk.

The oddest job: De-beaking baby chickens. The chicks were little yellow balls of fur, adorable. I had to stick their little beaks between two live wires and burn their beaks off. This was done so they wouldn't peck each other.

Most frustrating: Working the night-shift at a Tim Hortons. It was located one street over from a University and everynight the Philosiphy Students and the Liberal Arts students would staked out their sides of the shop. God; by the end of the night I would pray for death. They'd buy one cup of coffie and spend 8 hours debating their views. On a positive note we never got robbed, two seconds of listening to the surrounding conversations were not for the weak. I still twitch when I go into a Tim Hortons.
Every place I ever worked at had its good points and its bad ones..grinding plate glass at Pilkington was the most dangerous. We were doing a large shop window and it shattered. I didn't get out of the way fast enough and nearly lost my left arm. My weirdest job was with a beauty supply company. Oh, the odd folk who work in beauty parlours! A never ending source of head shaking at the foibles of the gays and lesbians, but at least I understand them and have no animosity whatever to them Now,Alex[who's with my daughter] had one of the strangest jobs ..he was a costumed wedding cake & used to hang out on the main streets enticing customers into one of the local bakeries.
Gas Station Attendent

The owner was a real ****head.
Tree planter. Hard, hard, hard long days stomping through crap, pacing off two steps, stick the shovel in, stick in a tree, stomp it down, take two steps, drink water, wave the flies away, etc etc etc
I think not
I used to install insulation in attics, with all the wonderful itching that comes along with it.
Treeplanting was the worst and the best. The worst part was going out with a full bag of 600 or 700 trees and having a small portion of a popular song persistantly repeat itself inside my head for the next 2 hours. To this day I can only enjoy obscure and non-memorable music. The best part was the pain because it made getting done for the day that much more enjoyable.

Insulating was another tough one. The attic stuff isn't so bad, blown in insulation is simply shredded newsprint and borax. Sure, you get covered in dust inside and out but borax saturated blue jeans come mighty clean in the wash. The worst part of that job was insulating the bellies of mobile homes. Most of our jobs were in low-income trailer parks and not only was the insulation dragging, quite frequently the homes also had sewer leaks. So we had to crawl through the sewer mud and kitty litter dust to get plastic down then lay on our backs blowing fiberglass into these trailer bellies inches from our faces. It never went in clean.
Four and a half year's as the Asst Manager at Wendy's first in Thornhill at the Longo's plaza and then in Richmond Hill on Yonge street. *cringes*

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Treeplanting here too. I feel the same way as Meta4r - it was the best and the worst. God it was physically exhausting work, and the flies and the brush, and the hornets. Whew! Then again, when I did that for a few years I felt I could tough anything out. And the money was great - much more than anything else you could do at 15 or 16.
Catching chickens and turkeys. Sometimes a few chickens would end up in the "drainage" cavities below the suspended chicken cages....extremely gross.
Oh my, let's see;

Car jumper at the grain elevator dumpers. You had to jump the ladders (ON THE FRONT) of moving train cars (just shunted out of the building where their load of grain was dumped), go up the ladder, apply the brake, then get inside the car and clean out sthe strapping and cardboard that had blocked the door.

A litte dangerous, you think maybe? In wet weather the grain dust took on a lovely oil-like consistency. More than once I slipped on the rungs and was hanging by my hands off the ladder as the car moved down the line.

Spring clean up in the same place. Shoveling rotten grain back into a car while standing knee deep in it.

The money was good, though.

Flagging on the highway. A deadly occupation, hot (or cold) mind-numbingly boring, hours and hours of bordom broken by moments of sheer terror. One year I worked at this three people were killed doing the job in little New Brunswick.
I worked a in a deli and I more than once cut my hand open on a slicer and had to get stiches And they always made me come in to work the next day with the bandaged hand an all..I was told to get into work or be fired...worst manager ever.
I worked as a bailiff. In order to get paid one must legally steal things. What a weird life.
Ten Packs
Shoveling hot asphalt (standing ON TOP of it!) from a dump-truck, under a hot August sun in Vernon BC (the Okanagan), into a "curbing machine" down along-side the truck....

Geesuzzz! I damn near died....
I think Colpy is the only one that even comes close ... although Sassylassie's job of vomit detail has to be pretty sick ... but I still have you all beat .... so far..

Most Insane Job,
(the one I had before the one I have now):
AMJ Campbell Local Driver, city of Toronto...
Start work 6 am (although I would only get paid by the job) so until I left for the customers place at 7:30 am I was working for free... Fight morning rush hour in Toronto to get to clients, (btw... Moving is considered as stressful as divorce). Try and Park a massive 46 foot straight truck or an 18 wheeler (53' trailer) into spot a Honda Civic would be hard pressed to get into. Hand load with 2 other guys anywhere from 10,000 to 35,000 lbs of peoples crap into a truck or trailer that was 6 feet to short to fit it all... then fight traffic again to get to destination... then unload everything we had just previously loaded - at this point it is usually anywhere from 12 to 18 hours since I left the yard at 7:30 am.. only occasionally did we ever have time to stop for a meal... most of the time... people are real jackoffs to move... no tip, no offer of pizza, most times believe it or not... not even a single thank you... then head back through more traffic to the yard and just 5 min away get the call we are needed to relieve some other poor bastard that had it worse than we did that day... and then show up at the dispatch office for 6:30am for another fine day... I worked 7 days a week for almost a year.. most days were an average of 16 hours... anyone who does that or has do that ... has my respect. Special Forces ain't got nothin on a mover/driver in the city of Toronto (or other large city).


Most Disgusting Job,
(my current job):
Thank the good Lord this is only a small aspect of my current job... but i still do this about once a month and several times in one day when it does happen.
I install wastewater depth, flow and velocity loggers....
Sounds pretty good so far...
First I set up traffic control (if needed) and then dress my self in a set of chest waders, latex gloves, a fall arrest harness, hard hat, and gas detector... next i lift off the manhole lid and hook onto the tripod & winch assembly (there is always an attendant present while an entrant decends the egress). I climb down anywhere from 6 feet to 45 feet into the wonderful world of sanitary sewers. There are so many ways to die in a Confined Space... but sanitary sewers are absolutely the worst... 300 parts per million of Hydrogen Sulfide will kill you in 30 seconds. And to go another step further, you gotta watch out for the infamous "Sewer Flu"... Yes it is actually worse than what it sounds like... try vomitting and the runs... every 10-20 min for 2-3 days solid... here's where it gets nasty...
When down there at the bottom of the chamber the sensor must be manually screwed to a ring the same size as the invert it is being installed in... very difficult to do with gloves... so they come off... next (remember to put gloves back on... like it helps) and compress the ring to fit into the upstream invert (direction the raw human waste is coming from) and push it as far up the flow of feces and other oddities as far has your arms will stretch and to further complicate things... make sure the sensor on the ring is dead center at the maximum depth of the flow. I have taken full showers of raw human waste among other things many times...all over my face, head, body, arms, etc. (extreme scat), I have emerged from the under street adventures with used condoms and tampons stuck to my arms and chest... and if the flow is massive and the invert big enough... the only way the ring can be installed is by something we in the business call "Sewer Surfing", where by you stand on the ring and surf it while compressing it in approximately anywhere from 1 to 6 billion gallons per hour of the nastiest ooze you can imagine... the best part is the smell... it stays in your nose for at least a week...
So the next time you hang a coiler ... think there may just be someone down there on the receiving end of it ... and it may just be me.... God I Love My Job!

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Quote: Originally Posted by OpnSrc

So the next time you hang a coiler ... think there may just be someone down there on the receiving end of it ... and it may just be me.... God I Love My Job!

Edit: Typos

I will remember that!
Gee thanks OpnSrc

You may be the diet I have been looking for since Christmas overindulgence!

I couldn't even think of eating now...haha. Will bookmark your excellent post - may print it out and leave it on the refrigerator!

Choke choke...Cough Cough....
Quote: Originally Posted by Wednesday's Child

Gee thanks OpnSrc

You may be the diet I have been looking for since Christmas overindulgence!

I couldn't even think of eating now...haha. Will bookmark your excellent post - may print it out and leave it on the refrigerator!

Choke choke...Cough Cough....

Your Welcome! Now imagine how my wife must feel when I come home smelling like that
oh wait... I was wrong the worst job I had... which I think I've mostly mentally blocked by now was shoveling cow **** at the royal winter fair when I was still in collage. *cringes* yup that was my worst job.
The Gunslinger
Calving season. Anyone who's ever been calving, I feel your pain. It's three in the morning and minus forty. And your entire body is frozen stiff, exccept for your arm...
I can't elaborate but it involved wiggly maggots.
the caracal kid

just wow, to all of you.
I worked on the kill floor of a hog slaughter plant one summer. I flung 150,000 hog intestines over a board so someone with an electric knife could separate the small intestine from the stomach.

Hot dogs and sausages, mmm, mmm.

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