Boozing buddies for 50yrs


BEER buddies Gordon White and Tony Smith claim to be Britain’s longest-serving drinking pals — after 53 years boozing.

Gordon, 80, and Tony, 83, started supping in 1953 after moving next door to one another.

And they have been out together virtually every day since — throwing back around 112,000 pints each.

The pair, both widowers, have downed half a dozen beers daily for 44 years at the Dorset Knob (LOLOL!) in Poole.

Gordon, a retired Royal Navy engineer who took part in the D-Day landings, said: “We hit it off straight away in 1953.

“We don’t drink as much as we used to — only four or five pints at lunchtime. I’d like to drink more but my pension won’t allow it.

“We spend hours putting the world to rights.”

They first met in the year man conquered Everest and the No 1 was Lita Roza’s How Much Is That Doggie In The Window.

They have discussed Suez, Korea and England’s 1966 World Cup win.

Gordon added: “When we saw the clothes hippies were wearing in the 1960s, I almost spilt my pint.”

Tony, a great-grandfather and retired shipbuilder, said: “My doctor knows how much I drink but I am still healthy.”

Landlady Terri Stevenson added: “They sit in a window seat and won’t sit anywhere else. They are never any trouble and are full of good yarns.”