Radio DJ is jilted live on air.

DJ is jilted live on air

RADIO DJ Steffen La Touche proposed to his long-term girlfriend — only for her to say ‘no’ live on air.

Steffen, 29, read out a love poem to Natalie Tonner, 31, as she sat in the studio but she turned him down and stormed out.

There was silence before Touch FM listeners heard an unscheduled travel bulletin.

Steffen then returned and told his breakfast audience: “I hope you have had a better Valentine’s Day than I have.”

He then left the station’s Coventry HQ.
Never, ever, ever put a woman on the spot in public.

Never, ever, ever.

And never use someone you love as a prop in entertainment, unless they agree beforehand.

What a knob.
Quote: Originally Posted by TenPenny

What a knob.

Now now, be kind. He's not a knob; he's just an example!
Being men...we don't know any better But,I bet he'll find more action than ever before-there are plenty of sympathetic women out there in listening land.
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