HM's horse-haired Cavalry

Chief Reporter

AN elite Queen’s bodyguard horse who lost his tail has been fitted with HAIR EXTENSIONS.

The false tail is attached to six-year-old Embassy each time he has to carry out ceremonial duties.

And when he went on parade even the Queen did not spot the difference.

The 2ft extension is groomed to help Embassy blend in with other royal steeds.

He had a long flowing tail when Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment officers bought him for Ł3,000 in Northern Ireland.

But when he arrived at Knightsbridge Barracks in London eight months ago most of it was missing, probably bitten off by a horse during a frolic or snagged on a bush.

The horses must have uniformly long tails and Embassy faced a bleak future after vets said it would take more than three years to grow back.

But he can parade proudly after the Royal Veterinary College made the false tail with one from a dead horse.

It fits with a Velcro and leather tab before he goes out with the Life Guards Squadron.

Major Jonny Rees-Davies, 31, said: “The connection has to be totally fail-safe.

“We can’t risk the horse riding in front of the Queen and its false tail dropping off.”

Lance Corporal Carl Lacey, 26, said: “He appreciates it because he can swat flies better.”

Embassy will Troop The Colour this summer to mark the Queen’s official birthday — and he could even one day be ridden by Prince Harry, who is expected to join the regiment.