A FOXHUNTER licensed to kill the animals with a high-powered rifle shows off part of his cull . . . 23 from a golf course on one night.

Pest controller Bruce Lindsay-Smith is hired by land owners wanting to stop foxes digging up their grounds around London.

And he reckons he kills an average of 30 a week.

Lindsay-Smith also shot eight at the £5million home of a rock star in Hampstead, North West London. He blasts them in the head from up to 150 yards away. Lindsay-Smith, who owns County Pest Control Services, insists the killing is humane.

He said: “They are dead before they hit the ground. They take an astonishing amount of songbirds from their nests and eat all the eggs they can find.”

But the RSPCA condemned his work.

A spokesman said: “There is no need to shoot them.”

“This man is on to a winner though — he will never be out of a job.”