This is hilarious... because it reminds me just how SMALL the small world we live in, is.

Today, (Saturday afternoon my time) I'm out mowing the lawn. It's about to piss down rain, which isn't unusual this time of year, but more to the point, I need to get the mowing done. we have a lot of grass for a suburban block (32perches, mostly grass, some trees, and a house, of course) and because of the recent rains, there has been no time to mow (wet grass and saturated black clay soil is, well.. quagmire springs to mind).

So I'm out mowing the footpath, as you do, to make the place look neat... and I noticed my new neighbours (been here about a month, haven't said so much as 'boo' and they havent been home at a time where I can introduce myself, as neighbours do..) have some potplants on their front steps...

...which is nothing unusual. UNTIL... I see something red and white, in the potplant. I keep mowing up and down, and steal a second glance at this red and white thing (it's about 20m away, not so easy to see with eyes full of dusty grass etc.) and my suspicions were confirmed.


ohh I had to laugh. It made me smile for the rest of the afternoon. I continued mowing , and the last patch I mowed was a 15x20 m rectangle of lawn between the two houses... I glanced ans saw this maple leaf blowing in the soon to be wet breeze, and as I stolled on along the side of the house.... ANOTHER FLAG, this time at the back, on their back deck. I was amused, happy and smiled for the rest of the day. I know now, that whoever lives in the house, is either a) patriotic Canucklehead, or b) lamenting their homeland.

So I better go over there and make sure they get a true neighbourly welcome, with a few beers, to break the ice.

and here I am, talkin about moving to Canucksville myself.... and you buggers beat me to it! how bout y'all move here, then I don't have to fly (might save me some $$$, enough to shout ya's a beer or 10 )

Small world, eh?

What a great surprise for you..... I don't know why anyone would want to move from Ozland....but it sounds like you have a travel bug biting at you....

See a bit of the other side and then return home?

Hope your Canuck neighbors are fun - no doubt they are looking for new friends ...

Behave eh? :P
...always on my Best behaviour

regarding the itchy feet... Had them for ages, done a wee bit of Overseas travel but not enough. I am prepared to settle, sort of (not 'settle' but settle )

still, maybe Toronto girl (she prefers to remain anon.) may find australia, more of a 'home' but we all get attached to where we grow up. Snow, may be the deciding factor.

Yup - girls especially seem to like being near their familiar home....

I liked the snow growing up but watching the east coast this morning makes me glad I can go for a walk on the beach in shorts today if I choose.

The sand/surf won my heart hands down...and even the sun can be boring....but I still like the freedom of it.

Thing is: Give it a try or you will never know... somehow I can't see you in Toronto - but that's just one uninformed opinion...and we humans often do a great deal for love.

Still - Ozland is tough to beat !

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