Trek builder boldly goes bankrupt.

Trek builder boldly goes bankrupt

Tony Alleyne hopes to sell the house to clear his debts

A Leicestershire Star Trek fan who got into debt making his home look like the Starship Enterprise has gone bankrupt.

Tony Alleyne, 52, spent nine years and 30,000 transforming his flat and used another 100,000 to launch a company which offered similar makeovers.

But the schemes were funded by loans and credit cards and he has filed for bankruptcy with debts of 166,000.

The former DJ hopes to get out of the red by selling the exclusive residence for up to 800,000.

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He said: "I did not set out with the intention of selling it, I enjoy science fiction interiors.

"I set up a business, it did not work and I tried to finance it with credit cards, which was daft really."

Mr Alleyne, who is separated from his wife, said he recently filed for bankruptcy at Coventry County Court.

"I was advised that was the only way to go," he said.

When Mr Alleyne failed to sell the original version of his Starship Enterprise home for 700,000, 18 months ago, he gutted it.

He is now refitting the flat as the spaceship from the later Star Trek series, Voyager, using income support payments.
I think not
Man I wish I had a place like that.....hmmm.
I think he was a bit easy on himself when he said 'daft'

sheer f*@#%!g lunacy is slightly more accurate, but still a bit on the easy side..

Why oh why... Technology is alreay available to make your house interactive, why clad it on the inside with tacky plastic mouldings on walls and ceilings... and floors...

Does he have an airplane toilet? If he does, he should stick his head in it and press the button.

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