Woman Breastfeeding 8yr old!!!

Hank C
Why I still breastfeed my eight-year-old girl

www.newsandstar.co.uk/news/vi...aspx?id=328277 (external - login to view)
I am very pro breastfeeding, but this even grosses me out. I've probably helped hundreds if not thousands of women breastfeed their babies in the hospital... but this I really don't get. Extended breastfeeding is actually the norm in many countries, but that generally means into toddlerhood not into the 3rd grade.
You might recall the last chapter of Grapes of Wrath and why
the book was banned.

A dying man was found in a barn by this Oklahoma family
trying a new life in California, the land of dreams,
in a west hardscrabbled dry, except for a young woman's milk,
the only sustenance available.

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