Once a year some of my friends travel somewhere in Canada. Well this year they want to travel to Victoria. Usually I decline such adventures, but I only live once and need an excuse to travel west (I've never travelled west other than a quick jaunt across the New Brunswick border )

Im wondering the best way to go about this. Theyre talking about train one way, and then fly back. Id also like to know a few places that are a 'must see' while on the train ride.

Im just a poor university student, but hopefully my parents will help me out with this. What would be an expected cost? This trip would be mid august. 500 for train and 500 for plane, 3 or 4 others going, so travel and personal cost would be somewhere around $2000?

We have something like this in mind for the train
www.viarail.ca/planner/en_cart_canr.html (external - login to view)

Any help would be appreciated for the Travelling newbie!