Lady Blessington has said that a woman's head is influenced by her heart and a man's by his head. Rivarol has said that a mob has many heads, but no brains.

William Penn has said that the smaller the drink, the clearer the head, and cooler the blood. Rochefoucaudl has said that the head always rules the heart. Roosevelt has said that only the quality is worse than hardness of heart and that is softness of head. Here are some Idioms on the head to browse.

Bang some one's head against a brick-wall - Very tedious to make some one understand to do a job.

Bite/Snap one's head off - To rebuke someone.

Heads will roll - Some or some one will land in difficulty.

Talk through the back of one's head - To talk sheer rubbish.

Take it into your head to do something - To come to a conclusion to accomplish something without rhyme or reason.

Soft in the head - means to behave like an idiot.

Somebody's head on a plate/platter - means you want somebody to be penalized.

Raise/rear its ugly head - Something unethical occurring should be combated.

Put/Stick your head above the parapet- To possess guts to speak out something even though, it is unpalatable to many.

Put one's head on the block - Somebody landing in a situation to get punished.

Laugh your head off- Laugh aloud and long.

Keep your head above water - Survive; have just enough to live.

Keep your head - Think clearly.

Keep your head down - Keep quiet and the problems get themselves settled.

Knock something on tne head - Cease to participate in some activity.

Lose your head - To lose one's temper unexpectedly.

Keep a civil tongue in your head - To advise somebody to be courteous, especially when they display the opposite.

Put a gun to somebody' s head - To intimidate somebody to get the desired result.

Have a head start - To obtain precedence to achieve victory.

Have your head in the clouds - To be ignorant of surroundings since you are engaged in yourself.

Work up a head of steam - To get all favorable things to carry out something successfully.

Bury your head in the sand - means to avoid a drastic action in the hope of getting things smoothly, to one's satisfaction.

Not to harm a hair on somebody' s head - Never cause injury on anybody.

Have a good head on your shoulders - To be trustworthy.

Clear your head/mind - Relax, so you can think clearly