The metro sexual male, the city gal, the power trippers, the ladies who lunch, they all need to up their Irresistibility Factor (IF). All it takes is some practice, so bone up on the pointers given below and get going!

Be confident: Be Madonna. Be Brad Pitt. No, you donít need to go in for colored lenses or a stylish new wardrobe, what you need to acquire is the effortless sense of self-worth the people mentioned above have.

Get witty: Stock up on some witticisms (hey, whatís the Net for?), always have a brace of party jokes ready and be on the humor ball, at all times.

Scatter compliments: It always wins people over. Initially, you may sound a little forced, so keep the verbal bouquets short and succinct. After a while, complimenting people will come as easy as the air you breathe and thatís when the charm factor will kick in, in your favour.

Be competent: Itís very sexy to watch a man or woman do something and do it well. It could be as mundane as getting a recalcitrant car to start, changing a light bulb, or as exotic as dancing the salsa like a true-blue Latino. Whatever do it well.

Be bold: Approach people. Donít wait for the formal introductions, go mix. Smile at people; compliment them on their clothes or hair, ask someone about their job. Itís called networking but itís irresistible.

Laugh out loud: Laugh out loud, sans inhibitions. Laugh a lot. The more you laugh, the more youíll feel good. The more you feel good, the more you will look good.

Wear minimal accessories: Donít ask us what the connection is, we donít know. However, what we have noticed is, the more jingly-jangly stuff you carry (shiny cell phones, finger rings aplenty,) the less people seem to want to come near you. Go minimal, go classy.

Treat yourself to massages: A supple body is a confident body. And a confident body is irresistible. Ergo.

Flirt: Flirting is good for the soul, it livens up the dullest party and whatís more, itís great fun. Nothing off-color, nothing heavy, nothing in bad taste. Just some flexing of your charm power!

Appreciate money: Use it well. Live well sans ostentation. Give to charity. Eat drink and be merry, all within limits.

Find someone to love for life: Love lights you up, makes life worth living. And boy, what it can do for your IF!

Wear great shoes: Itís something people notice.

Work out: At least three times a week. Come on, you donít need us to tell you that a toned body is irresistible. And with so many gyms sprouting all over, itís not so difficult to acquire

If you have it, flaunt it: Now youíve acquired it, so thatís our end game strategy.