To Lose Weight Do You Have To Reach The Fat-burning Zone ?

Not necessary
At a gym, you see all these machines that have charts to show you the fat burning or weight loss zone. The idea is that to burn the most fat, you should work at a fairly low heart rate ó not be breathing hard. But thatís a myth. Itís true that when youíre working at a low intensity, your muscles burn more fat. And when you work harder, your muscles switch to burning more sugar. But they burn it faster, so you use up more calories. The bottom line: Itís calories in versus calories out if you want to lose weight
Yep, that is correct. I went to a females only gym and they measured and weighed me on the day I joined. One year after I joined they took my measurements again and there was no change. I worked out five days a week doing 30 minutes of cardio and 40 minutes of weights, I was not impressed. I wasn't trying to lose weight but shape and define my muscles (Or lack there of) I now do 25 minutes on a Stair Climber and 30 minutes of Hatha Yoga and I can't believe the difference that Yoga has made on trimming the lines of my muscles.

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