Holy Cow

Did I mention I was 28 at the time.
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I'm lucky enough to have 80% insurance coverage, and the oral surgeon is going to knock me out, despite the fact that I don't handle anaesthetic that well, and always vomit after the fact...they feel that it will be better for me that having me that freaked out

I had (as you may have noticed) my "wisdom" teeth pulled out and they put me under for it. I went into a bit of shock when I came out of it....I just couldn't stop shivering.

They gave it to me through and IV, so no vomiting....
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Did I mention I was 28 at the time.

I hear you Said, I'm 27 and the only reason I went is because my wisdom teeth are falling apart as they are growing in...I really needed to go, cavities I can live with, this is a little much. But I'm getting the cavities taken care of now while I'm at it
Manda, if they know you get sick routinely after anesthesia have they tried giving you an anti-emetic with it? My mother used to throw up post op all the time till she finally told one anesthetist. He gave her some anti-emetic IV before she woke up and she was fine.
I've only had anaesthesia twice in my life, and they aren't sure if it is the anaesthetic itself, or the pain medication they had to give me after that made me ill, I'm guessing both. Last time I had a great little cocktail of Deladid (sp?) gravol and Benadryl on the go...I couldn't tell where my feet were, let alone if they were touching the ground

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