Long ago, when I was a small boy, I had a parrot as a pet. I hung its cage near the kitchen. It learnt to talk and was very friendly. Very often other parrots would perch on the roof above the cage and console the parrot in captivity. After some time I felt it was wrong to keep the parrot from mixing with its other companions. So I gave the parrot its freedom and let it fly out. It flew and sat on the big tree in the next compound. Every morning the parrot would fly into the kitchen and eat whatever it wanted and fly out again. Sometimes I would stand there and feed it. It ate from my fingers happily.

I also had a squirrel as a pet and decided to give it freedom. It ran off into the trees in the garden and disappeared. After a few days I saw a squirrel with blood all over its body walking into the house. The other squirrels did not accept him into their group, as he smelt of human beings. The wild birds and animals do not like to accept any of these pets back into their fold as the smell of human beings clings to them. I took care of the squirrel for some time and decided to set it free in another place. Fortunately it did not return.