Woman trips over accident claim forms-and gets compensation.

Insurance damages for form trip

Miss Riley was working for insurance firm Norwich Union

An insurance worker from Fife has won compensation after she tripped and fell over a pile of accident claim forms.

Linda Riley reached an undisclosed out-of-court settlement after claiming 5,000 from her employer Norwich Union.

Miss Riley, from Newburgh, said she had suffered pain and loss of earnings since falling while at work in the company's Perth office three years ago.

The insurance underwriter tripped over files which had been left lying on the floor by another office worker.

Lost wages

She claimed Norwich Union had a duty to provide a safe system of work and the untidy files presented a danger.

Miss Riley sued the company's parent group Aviva PLC in an action at Perth Sheriff Court and it was confirmed that her claim had been settled by the award of compensation.

Miss Riley claimed that she was left with pain in her left ankle, lower leg and foot, and needed a course of physiotherapy.

She said she was absent from work for a period and lost wages as a result, as well as still suffering from pain three years after the accident.

Miss Riley was unavailable for comment at her home.

snicker...heheh..snicker... Give me a break...i wish i could trip over a stack of papers and get this kind of compensation! LOL.

Seriously though, if the company did not have an adequate filing system, than her claim, even if a bit over extenuous, was justified.

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