Lancaster bomber spotted from space.

Spotted from space - thanks to Google!

A LANCASTER bomber has been spotted flying over Huntingdon - from space.

The veteran aircraft from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight was pictured cruising over Stukeley Meadows by Google Earth's mapping satellite.

An eagle-eyed Google Earth user noticed the image of the Lancaster flying over his home and drew it to the attention of the Google Earth Community.

He told the site he was "amazed" when he realised the Lancaster was in the picture.

The Lancaster - City of Lincoln - is believed to have been flying to or from an air display from its base at RAF Coningsby when it flew under the satellite's cameras.

Ironically, the aircraft was once used for photo-reconnaissance duties in Africa, a job now taken over by satellites.

Lancasters were a common sight over Huntingdon more than 60 years ago when the heavy bomber was based at many of the local airfields. Now there is only one left flying in the UK as part of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

Flt Lt Jack Hawkins, of the memorial flight, said the Lancaster would have been flying at just a few thousand feet.

He said: "It is just one of those things. It was caught in the picture - superb."

Clear images available on Google Earth have sparked contests among users for spotting unusual objects such as the Lancaster. Other sightings include a ghostly apparition of Jesus in a Peruvian sand dune and military ships at sea. (external - login to view)
Thanks Blackleaf

That was a unique shot - have to visit Google again and look at what else there is. I've never seen a Lancaster up close - it looks large from even that distance.

I know space travel is a worthy enteprise, but for me I would rather someone re-invent dirigible travel for people to cruise within viewing distance of our cities and towns to take in the

Imagine a wedding party on a large craft slowly winding its way around into the evening sunset with people enjoying the panorama...

I can't think of anything more relaxing other than an ocean cruise but there isn't much to see at "sea"....

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