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On the night of Sunday, April 14, the temperature had dropped to near freezing and the ocean was completely calm. There was no moon out and the sky was clear. Captain Smith, in response to iceberg warnings received via wireless over the last few days, had altered Titanic's course around 10 miles (20 km) south of the normal shipping route. That Sunday at 1:45 PM, a message from the steamer Amerika warned that large icebergs lay in Titanic's path, but inexplicably, the warning was never relayed to the bridge. Later that evening, another report of numerous, large icebergs in Titanic's path, this time from the Mesaba, also failed to reach the bridge.
At 11:40 PM while sailing south of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, lookouts Fredrick Fleet and Reginald Lee spotted a large iceberg directly ahead of the ship. Fleet sounded the ship's bell three times and telephoned the bridge exclaiming, "Iceberg, right ahead!" First Officer Murdoch ordered an abrupt turn to port (left) and full speed astern, which stopped and then reversed the ship's engines. A collision turned out to be inevitable, and the iceberg brushed the ship's starboard (right) side, buckling the hull in several places and popping out rivets below the waterline, creating a total of six leaks in the first five watertight compartments. Murdoch then ordered the ship hard a’port which swung Titanic's stern away from the iceberg. The watertight doors were shut as water started filling the five compartments, one...

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Now I was watching the real Titanic movie, A Night to Remember, not the Spielberg movie where a gunfight went on during the sinking of the ship. What a bunch of BS!

The point I want to make with RMS Titanic is the social class structure of the day. As can be seen in the movie, the class consciousness of the time period saw that most boats were already lowered by the time the steerage passangers were allowed on deck. Resulting in the majority of the fatalities to be steerage.

Now, Captain Smith and Ismael were blamed at the time and after for the tragedy. However, now that it is so long past, there is really no point in blaming anyone particular person or group of people because there can be blamed passed to everyone.

For instance, the American steamliner near the Titanic did not know what was happening with the Titanic and did not have a full-time operator.

Ismael, like other men got into a boat along with women and children and it could be said that one second of lapse of judgement resulted then he may not have gotten into the boat.

Captain Smith, and the crew of the Titanic did a good job in the circumstances that took place on April 14th, 1912.

Like it is being shown and will always be shown that nature will always surprise and wreck destruction on man kind if they believe that they can control and beat nature.

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