amazing lights display

i found this really amazing video that you may find interesting. if you watch it do you think it is real? i am not sure myself.

amazing light display (external - login to view)
also (external - login to view)
Can you imagine what this guy's neighbors think?

"Uh, thanks for the epileptic fit, John. Merry Christmas!"
My friend mailed it to me a few weeks ago, if it's real it's awesome. I figure someone that does lights and sound for a band wouldn't have any prob. wiring that display. If it's fake, I'm still kinda impressed, so much so I sent it to all my friends !!!!

Very beautiful I doubt if I could afford his power bill tho.
I'm thinking it's probably not real, but someone with cgi software created it.
If you search the Net a bit,you will find the Paris Hilton Christmas display some fool set up on his front lawn. Unfortunately,someone hasn't firebombed his house yet.
*gag, retch*

And no, I'm not looking it up, either. It's the thought that counts.
You know that Paris and Christmas have something in common :the term "Ho Ho Ho"
I saw the same thing on a Miller lite beer Ad the other day[The Lights Display..they couldn't afford Paris ] with music by The T rans Siberian Orch. Something called "Wizards In Winter"

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