A little help would be appreciated

Hello I need a little help with French, can someone tell me what's the meaning I can make out of the attached picture? heck I am not even that sure it's French
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Come one guys
Reverend Blair
It ain't French.
I have looked at this thread several times. One of the problems is that your little sentence refuses to be copy and pasted. I don't have the patience to hunt down the code to make my keyboard do those backward letters. I don't know where you got it. It looks a bit like Russian but I'm no expert. If you can manage to copy it, take it to one of the translation sites. The web is full of them.
I'd say that you're definitely living up to it.
I think it is Russian. Here is a link to get you the Crillic alphabet you'll need to get it translated. I would suggest you do your conversion in Word and then copy and paste it to a Russian/English translator. Just enter that in google.

Thanks for all the inputs
However it's probably not even Russian, I tried and failed.
Probably it's Latin? Arabic? If I can figure this out, I will give
you guys an update.
Reverend Blair
It may not be Russian, but the Cyrillic letters make one of the slavic languages languages. It could be Ukrainian or Polish or Chechen.

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