Remembrance Day Poppies

View Poll Results: Should a well designed brouche poppy be created?
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No 2 40.00%
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There has been a lot of hoopla in the news lately about the best way to pin your poppy so it doesn't fall off. How do you pin your poppy? And do you think a better designed poppy should be created?
Reverend Blair
All they have to do is make a pin cover available or cover the pin itself in cloth.

Since they likely won't, a couple of tricks:

Put a pencil eraser on the end of the pin. It not only holds it in place, but keeps you from getting poked.

Bend the pin.

Both of these require that you put the end of the pin back inside your clothing, but that's not a problem.
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by bevvyd

And do you think a better designed poppy should be created?

I think the design is good as is because this way you lose several over the few days of wear, and each time you end up buying another, and this is a good thing.
Agreed, but a 'nice' one would be nice too. Like a dressed up version. Still all proceeds to the poppy fund. And since you wouldn't want to wear a 'nice' one on the outside of your jacket you could wear the current ones there and save the 'nice' one for adorning clothing. Still giving.
Hard-Luck Henry
I'm not sure about dressed up poppies, bevvy - I'm sure there would be a market for them (in fact you can get them should you want one), but here in the UK traditional paper poppies are actually made by disabled veterans and their dependents. A dressed up version might require more skills etc, and the work might then have to go to another profit-making manufacurer.
Sorta on topic....
I would worry that a new, nicer version of the traditional poppy might facilitate wearing the same poppy two years in a row, or more. One of the "good things" about the current design is that they fall off and you buy another. I would say, "don't change a thing".
I have the pewter poppy pin I bought from the legion a few years back,but still buy a poppy from one of the vets every year. So,when I asked them about getting a few more of the pewter ones.i was told most people would not buy the usual ones. I do know one cheap ....... who saves the poppy and uses it year after year. And,yes, he is of Scottish heritage.
I have to admit that I had to use last years poppy because I hardly carry cash/change anymore, as I use debit. Every time I saw a poppy box I didnít have change. I don't feel right just taking a poppy.... and I had last years pinned to my wall in my office. (I'm not a Scott either)

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