Help need in Suing Protech Immigration Consultancy(Fake Con) (Protech Immigration)

PS. Speaking of Pardon, I got pardoned by the Queen on her 50th Jubilee in Winnipeg for an uttering threats charge in Canada because it was so ridiculous...

Still goes on your record though...
They have screwed me as well. Lets all of us come together and sue these guys. Doing it individually will cost a lot of money but if we all come together then we can do it. Here is a suggestion, lets open up a website/blog or may be in Facebook and attract as many people we can. What do you guys say?
Src: Immigration representatives: How to file a complaint (external - login to view)

Immigration representatives: How to file a complaint

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) does not get involved in disputes between applicants and their representatives. If you have a complaint about your representative, there are ways you can get help.
First, you must find out if your representative is an “authorized representative.” Authorized representatives are members in good standing of a Canadian law society, the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants or the Chambre des notaires du Québec.
For more information about regulatory bodies, see Contacts under Related Links at the bottom of this page.
If you have a complaint about:
an authorized representative
  • File a complaint with the regulatory body to which the representative belongs (e.g., the appropriate Canadian provincial or territorial law society (external - login to view), CSIC, or the Chambre des notaires du Québec (external - login to view)).
an employee of an authorized representative
  • Discuss your complaint with the licensed immigration representative. If you feel your concern was not dealt with properly, you may file a complaint with the representative’s regulatory body.
a non-authorized representative
  • If your representative is not in Canada, send your complaint to the appropriate authorities in the country where the representative lives or works.
  • If your representative is in Canada, file a complaint through the Canadian Consumer Information Gateway (external - login to view) or the Canadian Council of Better Business Bureaus. (external - login to view)
What if my immigration representative breaks the law while representing me?

If you know your immigration representative broke the law while representing you, they could be charged under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the Criminal Code of Canada or the laws of your country of residence.
If the law they broke was immigration-related (for example, if your representative submitted fraudulent documents with your application), immediately contact the CIC office processing your application or the Canada Border Services Agency (external - login to view).
If your representative has defrauded you personally (for example, if they charged you a fee, but did not fulfil what was promised or refuse to return your passport without another fee), contact your local law enforcement agency.
Hello everybody,
We paid 1700 $ fee for Protech Immigration last year. WE send all the documents. They never called us. They send us an email a week ago that they want 1500 $ more to refile our case ??.
They are thieves, they just want your money. and they just barely speak english.
Stay away from Protech Immigration,
I agree with Liberalman posting that consultancy need not to refund the money if they had filed your case and on the later date Govt. changes the law or policies regarding Canadian immigration. As suggested by Liberalman, check your agreement for this clause.

Alberta immigration has recently closed many applications for H1B steam for IT. I called Alberta Govt may times to know about my application status they told me initially that it will take 4 months, then 8 and 12 and finally closed my application stating that there is not enough jobs in IT field in Alberta and given 1 year to find a job in Alberta in order to re-open the case.

I do not think we should blame anybody except Alberta Govt. who has closed IT application under H1B program.
not only protech, people are not happy with David Cohen, wwics and other lawyers
They suck!!!!!!!!!!!!
DO NOT USE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They do ****ty job!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello Everyone ( Feb 11, 2011) : I have a similar story. I am a victim of protech too! In August 2008 , I gave protech 1700 USD as a "Retainers Fee" along with all my paperwork. After tons of frustating emails and few heated phone calls - i FINALLY hear from them that I have been nominated for AINP in April 2010. And they asked me for more paperwork like PCC's and Money Orders for CIC. I sent them everything in July 2010. This is Feb 2011 and my money orders have not been encashed.They dont have any answers regarding my file! And finaly I got to talk to to Mr Brar, whose explaination was that my finally is possibly lost!
well I have no idea what to do at this point!!
See, this is ridiculous. How can you con some one just like that. I mean I am wondering whether each and every Immigration Consultants are like that because just now I am into a process of my son's Canadian Immigration Visa Consultancy from Winny Immigration and Education Pvt. Ltd here in India and also situated at Canada. After reading this post I immediately called that guy from that consultancy but they are sort of certified ones. So, I hope that we get safe through.

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