Bill Gates and Microsoft

Ok, how do you guys feel about MIcrosoft and Bill Gates?

I have been using computers since 1988, so I'm a DOS girl. I miss the days of batch files and playing with the C prompt so it's funny. I miss the days with the orange writing on the black background.

I hate needing a new mouse and mousepad seemingly every twenty minutes. I hate that I am going to get carpal tunnel from this stupid mouse that I would never have had without it. I hate all the crappy flashy stupid little graphics that are provided while our computers are crashing. I hate the blue screen of death. I hate re-booting 16 times a freaking day because "my excel sheet is TOO LARGE?" or "I have too many programs open?" or "I am expecting too much from them?" I hate calling the IT guys and have them say "did you try rebooting?" Of course I did, only 4000 times.

I hate that because someone accidentally sends me an email, I get a retarded virus that just chomps away at my data. I hate when, on my only true important day of the month, my computer decides to screw up on me every ten minutes. I don't trust them and every time I open something I cross my fingers that it is still there. Sometimes it isn, sometimes it isn't.

Bill Gates and Microsoft Suck. I can't stand what they have done to my workday. I can't stand it. Thursday and Friday of this week I was ready to throw my computer through the wall. Even the one at my house was being a piece of crap. For no reason, just for fun, Happy Halloween, maybe?

For the record, it ain't the user.
There are times that I miss DOS,too. My older games all ran on it ,while the latest XP hasn't a trace of it The newer games are far superior though
Gack! I hear you Greta. I used to actually understand what my computer was doing, be able to get my little nose in there and feel the triumph of fixing a win.ini file, used to be able to scrub my hard drive and fight with it till I won the battle of getting my CD rom drive working again, rebuild the thing and know every corner of my hard drive ... now it's all beyond me. I used to write little programs in DOS to do things it takes me twice as long to do in Windows. Billy sold us down the river. He's turned our PCs into pseudo-Macs. I use both platforms and while Mac is the superior machine for graphics, my PC is my workhorse. Or it used to be before Mr. G. replaced it with the "user friendly" version of computers.

These days I spend my time trying to get my damn internal firewall to stop fighting with my expensive purchased firewall, preventing my anti virus from blocking programs I need to access the net and am still procrastinating about installing the wireless I've had for months. I just don't want to throw my year old Dell off the 15th story balcony if it doesn't work properly.

Life was simpler in the old DOS days, that's for sure. Now I have had to download a program to create passwords for me ... passwords I not only change frequently but never store on my computer but record in a little book on my desk 'just in case', I have to update a dozen things a week to keep everything current, then sort it out when they conflict. Yi. Shouldn't have got me started on this one!
GL Schmitt
I Bet you can't Guess how I feel!

Reverend Blair
Thanks for that GL. It made my day.
Microsoft on thin ice with S. Korea threat (external - login to view)

RealNetworks: He fought Microsoft and he won ... now he wants to make sweet music with Gates (external - login to view)

Microsoft patch that didn't (external - login to view)

Thankfully I run Linux and do not have to worry about all the security updates with IE, Spyware, adaware, its nice having a system that does not crash and is rock solid and lets me control it and not the other way around.

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