What's your Favorite Brew (Rickers Red)

Hank C Cheyenne
What brand of brew yall drink?
Any. But I prefer Kokanee.
As many as possible . I haven't had one i didn't like
Hank C Cheyenne

Well my favorite Canadian beer is Labatt Blue or John Labatt Classic......

Kokanee.....hmmmmm I dont like the regular watered down ****....but I don't mind Kokanee Gold
Reverend Blair
Two Rivers Red.
Hank C Cheyenne

Two Rivers Red.

hmmmm never heard of the stuff....is it a local Manitoba band...is it a lager or ale?

...I like the red stuff myself.... ya ever heard of Berghoff Red?
Muskoka Ale and/or Lager
Extra Old Stock 7.1
Feck your a hardcore juan I know a few poeple that drink that stuff and lets just nice there not the most pleasant people on the planet
My wife might tend to agree with that thought mom. Particularly if I try to mix it with chilli.
I used to drink that colt 45 which is 8% now but after a couple it tastes pretty gross. But when I drink beer it is kokanee but I really drink cider, I love that nectarine cider and peach cider. Its only 7% though........
Dexter Sinister
Heh. Philistines. Make beer without hops, distill it, age it for 12 years in oak sherry casks, and you've got a fine scotch. That's my favourite brew. The very word whisky comes from a Gaelic expression, uisge beatha, the water of life. The Reverend Blair would no doubt shoot me, or at least whack me upside the head, for saying this, but compared to scotch, most beer makes me think, "hey buddy, your horse is diabetic."

But I *do* like Alexander Keith's Pale Ale. And Rickers Red. And the stuff my brother makes. One of them, anyway. I have three brothers, two of whom brew horse piss and vinegar, but the oldest knows what he's doing.
Rickers Red???? I think that is what we got zenfisher gooned on when they were visiting, galaniomama's call
No that wasn't it Pea. It was an pale ale the name of which escapes me...but I think it started with a C. Very good but not ricker's. I like Mississippi Mud a fine Black & tan. Dead Guy Ale is good when I want something a little bit bitter.
Geez what a surprise :P
mmmmmm did the trick tho zen :P Hey what the first thing you ever got drunk on...OMG! mine is sooooooooooo scary! and yet it happened
A bottle of sherry its a wonder i still drink
Southern Comfort...I can't stand the stuff now.
Well it was a bottle of galanio some kind of strange liqour...yellow.. when I awoke...I could not speak my mouth was welded shut by a thick crust of galanio sugar..Blah!
Quote: Originally Posted by zenfisher

Southern Comfort...I can't stand the stuff now.

Wow! Thats what my first drunk was as well. I do not care for it much anymore either. Basically either Rye or cider and the odd beer now and again.
Ooooo feck I drank some of that **** too Southern Comfort is total yuck and the absolute for my body is Sambuca
I still have nightmares from getting drunk on sherry and the after effects.
It was sthe hangover that killed me I couldn't stand the smell of it for ten years.
I tried Southern Comfort once,too,and don't believe I have ever been that sick before or after. Also,it was my first experience with the phenomenon known as projectile vomitting The first time I was drunk was on vodka that my boss twisted my arm to drink
Hard-Luck Henry
I never drink anything other than white, or green tea. I wish I knew who it was posting in my name late at night, when I'm safely tucked up in bed; that person has clearly been at the brandy.
Hard-Luck Henry
What?! What's wid da look, like?!

I see....so you really don't recall do ya???? drunken fecker
I wish I could forget all my drunken episodes But no, I have to have total recall of every stupid thing I've done while under the influence

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