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That being said, these archetypes are exceedingly important to us culturally and our mythologies are filled with conflicts and reconciliations of the Masculine and Feminine principles. The former is conventionally the force of destruction and aggression, while the latter is the force of birth and acquiescence. Both impulses are required in balance. Most Tragedies, for example, involve the ascendancy of the Masculine principle over the Feminine, with disastrous results. Id say modern progress is a result of the Masculine principle, whereas, the great threats to our planet and our species come from ignoring the Feminine principles.

Your statment above reminded me of something else I read recently:


All created thngs, whether tangible or intangible, come into being as a result of the intercourse between two elements which assume the functions of male and female. This pattern is followed throughout the whole of creation and the birth of a religion is no exception.
Consider a table which comes into being when a carpenter chooses a piece of wood to work on. In this operation, the piece of wood assumes a female role and is shaped to the carpenter's design. The table- the child born of the intercourse between the mind of the carpenter and the piece of wood, combines within itself the characteristics of both its parents. Its style its beauty and proportions, its shape and construction all represent the art and craft of its father, the carpenter; wheras its colour, quality, and consistency are inherited from its mother, namely, the piece of wood.
A similar principle governs the birth of a civilization whose founder, by imparting his ideas and principles to a society, plays the part of the male. The society, the recipient of his teachings, acts on the other hand as a female agent. The child of this mystical intercourse is a new civilization which reflects the characteristics of the founder as well as those of the society within whose womb it was coneived.
Religions are born as a result of the spiritual intercourse between God, on the one hand, and the person of the Manifestation of God, on the other. In His inscrutable wisdom, God...

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Anyway, I found the similarities about male and female roles interesting.