Another Great Halloween Idea

And it is : a Halloween Parade! Seeing as most people get a kick out of dressing up for this Day,why not have a general parade so they can show off their outfits? This could be combined with Gay Pride Celebrations,just to add some more colour and flavour to the parade. It might even add some understanding of the gays to the general population & some tolerance,too. There is a certain MidWest American city that has an annual Halloween Parade and it has become a sort of tourist attraction.
GL Schmitt
I donít know what happens these dayís, but back during the early seventies, Halloween was celebrated in Toronto by flocks of amateur drag queens flitting up Yonge Street, on their way to party in the clubs.

Not a Craig Russell in the bunch!

More than a couple muscle-bound never-would-be ladies halloed past me on my way to Ryerson, before I figured out what the heck was going on.

Scariest Halloween I can recall!
Once,I followed the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen for about an hour..mesmerised by the sway of her hips and her lovely clothes. Then ,she spoke: With a voice 5 octaves deeper than mine[and I came to the sudden shock that I'd been rooked!] Darn cross dressers

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