Yo! My people!!

:P :P :P I just gots to thank all buds here at the board for all your kind wishes and support they gave me. You know who you are, and you ain't neocons!

My papa's kidneys shut down, scary stuff, a long story, but me papa is a frenchmen :P :P so he's got the mojo!!!!! his kidneys are working again, so he can have his operation, plus we gots some steelhead we gots to catch.
Ouch, so sorry peapod. Glad all worked out for him.
Thanks grets, Ouch! is right! I had to sleep with my 5 siblings for two days! All night long, farting, moaning, dreams, toilet flushing, burbing, feck it was harsh!
Course I was drawn back to days long since past, but for old times sakes I punched me brothers in the head a few times. hehehehhe
Martin Le Acadien
Bon chance. Your father sounds like a lucky man to have you for te'fea nous se'di en Louisiane.
Well I will print that off for him martin :P and take it up to him in a wee bit at the hospital. Hehehehehe when he had his cat scan and procedure to unblock his one kidney, he was surrrounded by students, when they saw his name, which of course a very french one!!! they started talking french to him, he thought he had died, and was happy that french was the offical language on the other side :P :P
Martin Le Acadien
Di a vous papa.

Le Mercredi en la ciel c'est "La Louisiane" avec le danser et musique Acadien. Boucoup Jambalaya pour tous.

Gald to hear he is doing alright, but I do think French is an official language up there.

Vanni will have to learn French one way or another!

Me, I gotta turn on the de spell checker.
I am happy things are starting to look good.
Hard-Luck Henry
:P Content de vous revoir, mon petit pois! Comment allez-vous?

Vous voir en bas la rivière folle!

Or summink!

Good to hear, lil' p.
Good to hear that Pea. Edge and I send our wishes for a speedy and quick recovery after the ops.
That is such great news. Your Dad is a very lucky man and I hope this surgery will give him many great years to come.
Hugs! to my buds. Now where is my main man bigh :P Yo! bigh check your pm's.
And momsy I already been fishing this morning :P And yes I did catch something I will show you when I get back home :P
Way ta go Pea

Glad to hear you Dad is coming along better.

Do I understand you caught one of those mythical Steelheads? I've never seen one myself. I've fished for them many times but never caught any.

Happy to hear Pea...cna't wait until you post that he's up and kicking again
I am really glad for you Pea that things seem to be looking better. Take care.
Best Wishes to your dad, Peapod. Hope he has a speedy recovery.
Gawsh, I'm sooooo late with my best wishes.....sorry
Thanks twinks! and all my buds, you nascar are beyond vuglar with your insincere tripe! bugger off outta my thread
Pea give Nascar credit at least he's not rood like the other neocons that lurk around here .I like Nascar he at least trys to put up a good arguement .
Well woop de do you you As you can see I am back And I am my sweet self, you gots a problem with that? Uh? Well do ya boy
Nah i kind of like it
Hard-Luck Henry
Not good enough, mom ... come along; I'd also like to hear more about your defence of Nascar. Out with it, boy!
Ah! schucks! momsy, your okay, your nuts, and I can appreicate that. Yur the yeosemite sam of canadian content :P course I did hear that he was really gay, and used his macho to ride this fact. Although still, imagine at Pat Robertsons website, the kiddy cartoons, ribblits, I think its called, well those frogs have woodies.... now how come bob squarepants who is supposely gay is corrupting morals?? yet frogs with woodies is okay Sup with that eh???

Well cripes! I gots to go, I am frito house, tomarrow I return to my own casa, he has made some tea, I will do a switch a roo tho, he thinks I did not see him dump his medication into my teacup..Ha! you gots to be kidding. Blah!!!
Vanni Fucci
Hail Peatrix Podicus!

Glad to here that pappy's doing well...he must be made of some pretty tough stuff to have endured the shenannigans of you and your siblings all your lives... :P

...and good to see you're in fine form again...able to stem the tide of the encroaching neocon hoardes...
I'm happy your father is going to get the treatment that he needs, as I know there was very dim chances last time I spoke to you. Anyhow, I hope you're finally able to get a little rest and get back to your life. We're all here for you, as you can see.

(I seriously thought I posted here already, but I was probably disconnected when I did )
Nascar has a right to believe what he wants and besides he makes us all look good

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