see ya, for now....

Ten Packs
Well, it's past 1:00 here, you might hear a bit from me during the day, but then I will be conspicuously absent for a while - Bert (my wife, Roberta) has another week off, and you know what THAT means! Off to the 5th Wheel RV at the lake. She brought home a "shoot-load" of groceries today, including a BIG brace of Pork-ribs, which she has an incredible knack for, using a "Crock-Pot", and then BBQ'ing. I think I may have posted about it earlier this year in Seasonings.... anyone remember?

She DOES work on Saturday, albeit a "short day" - they close at 3pm.... so I will be around for a little while tomorrow. But by about 4:00 Pacific (7:00 Eastern), I will "outta here". If we don't get out there on Saturdays, all we see of our new friends is a morning chat, and then "see ya next time".

I even made a "Dump Cake" tonight, to take out and pass around Saturday night.... I am SURE I posted about that a long time back. Seems to me someone got the recipe wrong and mixed everything together, or something.
It's SO RICH!!!

See ya in the latter part of the day (for you Easterners, at least.)
Well have a nice trip. Fall Camping is nice as less crowds.

btw- What is a "Dump Cake"? A cake that you through whatever you can find into? Berries, choc chips, various nuts etc?
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