Improving your Canadian Content experience

I was trying to think of ways to improve members' Canadian Content experience to the max. We're a growing community of diverse people who represent many portions of the Canadian demographic and we all get along well here.

What can we do here at Canadian Content to make your experience even more enjoyable? Would you like to see more games introduced to the forum? Any cool features you've seen elsewhere that you'd like to see here on this forum?

Please let us know what kind of changes we can make here that would make it better.
Reverend Blair
You could send us all beer and smokes. That would improve my experience.

How about a member FAQ section (purely voluntary, of course) where people can ask other posters questions about themselves and be answered, or not. I saw one of those someplace (can't remember where) and it seemed to create some understanding between posters.

The way it worked was that anybody who wanted to participate got a thread with their name on it. Each thread generally started off with some basics about the person, then other posters asked them questions if they wanted to know something.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reverend Blair

The way it worked was that anybody who wanted to participate got a thread with their name on it. Each thread generally started off with some basics about the person, then other posters asked them questions if they wanted to know something.

Well.. We pretty much already have that in the introductions forum..
Reverend Blair
This is a little more organised and in a separate section so it was easy to look people up in. Also, it was ongoing.
Dexter Sinister
I've often wished I could find a particular member's most recent post. Or is there already a way to do that that I've missed?

Fairly often it seems somebody fairly intelligent shows up, posts a few interesting things, then seems to disappear, and I don't know whether the person's actually gone from the boards or is just posting in places I don't generally hang around, so I don't see them anymore. There are so many threads here nobody can possibly keep up with them all unless you make it a full-time occupation. Nice work if you can get it... I'd like to be able to find people who once piqued my interest, if they're still posting.

Less often, somebody fairly stupid shows up, posts some dumb things, and disappears; the drive-by morons. Be nice to be able to confirm they're no longer an active part of this community...
Reverend Blair
Just go to their profile and click on "Find all posts by..." It gives you the latest one at the top.
Hi Andem,

First off thanks for the opportunity for input, it's nice to know that it's the members who help to make up the site and not just the board owner.

How bout a chat room? where members can go and have a private conversation, note the word private. The ability to have more than 1 room is better I think, or it can get too crowded and conversations are hard to follow and keep up with.

And how bout 10 Recent Threads up from the current 7, don't know why I want 10 except that it is a nice round number and the Recent Threads is at the top of the page. I know I know, I like right angles too.

Got enough band width to allow for web cams?
Dexter Sinister
Thanks Rev, never spotted that one. D'uh...

'Course I tend not to look at people's profiles much, I'm more interested in what they say in the forums. I haven't even looked at my own profile since I created it.
Reverend Blair

Course I tend not to look at people's profiles much

More into the full frontal thing, are ya?
Hey bevvyd,

A chat room has been an idea in the past and I actually tried it briefly a very long time ago. Unfortunately, the site is based mostly around board conversations and private communications via PM.

I think for the time being, a chat room is out of the question especially because of the fact that IRC servers are very prominant targets should anybody ever want to attack the site.

RE: 10 recent threads instead of 7... I could try that right now and we'll see how it works. Give me a few minutes

(Edit: I changed it to 10 recent topics.. is that too much or is it better)
Ohh yeah I like that much better. Thanks.

I didn't know that bout chat rooms but it certainly would explain why some sites are getting hacked more than others.

Thanks again,
Any chance of getting smilies in the Quick Reply?
Good Morning Andem

I'm still a new guy here but this forum is as good or better than anything I've seen before. Back in the olden days when Telus was still B.C. Tel. and Sympatico ran their forums, we all used a bit of HTML. The BBCode covers most of the simple tags but there are still a few others. Is it a problem to allow a bit of HTML?
Quote: Originally Posted by bevvyd

Any chance of getting smilies in the Quick Reply?

Well, it seems to take a much longer time for the topic page to load because of all that extra javascript junk, but you can still use the codes in quick reply like : and ) to make a .

Juan: HTML codes in the forums creates huge security risks with this type of software. It is also abused very easily but what kind of extra bbcode did you want?

Now you've put me on the spot How about strike throughs, or href links, (there is probably a way to do the links that I haven't figured out yet.) I can also appreciate the security risk and the benifits of these things certainly are not worth any added risk.


Oh sorry, just practising
How is the addition of extra topics on the front page doing?
I think its great Andem thanks
Well I have a suggestion, In the Interest section on the forum page, how about creating a tecnology/science section?

Like where we can discuss future space explorations (like future trip to moon), Mars rover, diferent space exploration vehicles, Mars,Titan other planets.

Alss for New technologies that make our everyday life easier or not so easier. Future possible technologies for fuel, heating, solar panels, windmill technologies, smart cars, hybird vehicles and the like.

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