Coldsore remedies

hey i wonder if bactine is good for coldsores....

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Vanni Fucci
#2 would probably dry it out while providing anti-septic bacteria killing agony...enjoy it while it lasts... :P
Try tea tree oil...the stuff is amazing.
thanks... yah tea tree oil eh? lol
Zovirax is the only product that I have tried which works. Good luck!

Edit: Oh yeah, it's a prescription drug.. so ask your doctor.
Zovirax eh....hmm...interesting
Yep. It is the only thing that works for me. Sometime it even stops it if you put it on right when you get the tingling feeling. But usually, it makes atleast a small appearance before it disappears (rapidly with Zovirax).
You sound like you don't believe me Kater aid. Its a product from Austrailia. (external - login to view) Click on desert essence ( the first one) and a menu will pop up.
no its just that i never really heard it was for that
You should be able to find it at your local drugstore.
Yeah I think thats what im going to do, im going to go to Shoppers Drug Mart so ill tty guys later!
Frito lay
Try a very hot iron poker, place it into a fire pit untill it becomes red hot. Place it directly on the infeckted area. Also, you could try the ol " Grey Poupon Poultis"... Let me know how you make out..
Hard-Luck Henry
I find that plenty of rest helps to keep coldsores at bay, too. Don't over-exert yourself.

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