pea and vanni's cockney thread

Me and vanni been studying up on bigh's yabbering...So...ehm...vanni fancy a tiddly wink later?
Vanni Fucci
Certainly pea, so long as it's taters in the mould...
I changed me mind, I prefers a Joe Blake :P
Vanni Fucci
Yeah...we could haves ourself a proper Moriarty...
Ya, just as soon as I takes care of these emma freuds :P
Vanni Fucci
#6 must'nt be in any Bob Murray to be takin' a William Pit, I'll reckon...

What with your Khyber Pass all Alan Border...
Nice bottle of rum, you gots there vanni :P
anybody got any spotted dick? me granny was a cockney. right off the boat, so to speak. actually, one hell of a lot of me rellies are from happy land. my dad's mom and dad and me mom's ma. ton's over there too. hmmmm.
Have a wash ya' smelly paraffin :P
cockney buggers all left....heya momsy, What did you have for yer Frank Skinner? :P
Hard-Luck Henry
You sound like Dick Van Dyke ...

"Chim, chimeney, chim, chimeney, chim, chim, charoo ... "
Blah! I knew yous would show up, yous heard me and vanni talkin cockney...yep that bigh He's a canary. :P
Hard-Luck Henry
Indeed. Anyways, I've got to get round the Jack Horner for a David Gower, then a quick Rosy Lee and I'm Frank Bough. :P
uh huh...sounds like It's just a pirate ship.
Ere darlin! I can't ang about much after the dickery its twelve. Can't upset the trouble an strife two nites ina row. Ang in there luv.
hahahha! you be a true islander juan, you gots the mojo..It's all gone a bit nick cotton, innit?

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