Now THIS is creepy!

Ten Packs
Whooo back the train up is that for real Ten
Reverend Blair
It looks more like a Guiness thing than a PhotoShop thing. I'm not laying any bets though.
Ten Packs
Quote: Originally Posted by mrmom2

Whooo back the train up is that for real Ten

I don't know... got it in an email (MissD, rev).

All I know is that I ain't tryin' it....
Yup...its creepy.
I think not
Creepy, but not possible.....I think.
Possible,if the person happens to live near a radioactive dump!
Actually, SNOPES is working on/debunking that image. Still no "official" word yet though! (external - login to view)
Seen that picture so many times. Totally fake. How can his optic nerves stretch that far?
GL Schmitt
My allergies are terrible this summer.

Ahhh... this guy poking his finger through his nose and out his eyeball is the scariest thing i've ever seen!

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