Pics of the view from my deck

Ten Packs
I may have posted the view from our deck before, but it was a dull day: this is much nicer.
(I will have to play with the new Digi-cam I got for a bit, to get exposure-settings down.... this is a bit over.)

btw - the large property in the right-hand pic is "Frank's" (forgot his last name). He had a lumber/sawmill business N/W of here, sold about ten years back. Real nice guy - seems to have done "okay" in his business - the two story building slightly to the right is the Guest House/RV storage! The 5th in the field is a friends, not his.

Across the river, 1/3 from the right in a light-tan, is the southern BC Liquor Board distribution warehouse, next (left) is likewise for Detroit-Allison (the owner Roger Penske, stops in every year, so I am told), two small blue blobs are a large Propane distribution center (the BIG trucks!). The building with two dark rectangles is a large cattle-auction site.... haven't heard a "moo" there for over two years, since the US Beef-Ban.

Then is some shop, toward the left, forget who it is... and the wide "white" stuff along the river, is a truck/rail reload yard for Lumber - used to have an afternoon shift, but not for a couple years now.... same reason as the beef-ban; US softwood lumber tariffs. I don't know how many more "Franks" we will have, until it's resolved.

Hope this helps explain to American members, why the odd Canadian is a bit "testy" about trade relations with our neighbours these days. It has a bit more meaning when you SEE the results EVERY DAY....
I think not
I think not
Well I don't have that view from my deck....hmmm...come to think of it I have no deck, but I have a pic of my tomato plants

ITN's Tomato Plant :P

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