The Jerk Who Tried to Steal Progress

In the small sleepy land of Kenada, the people were slow to accept change. They would gradually move and accept the changing times, and then learn to embrace and enjoy all the equalities and benifits that progress in society and technology provided.

In one corner of the land, there were cave dwellers that we'll call "Tonies". From their caves came growls and yips of malcontentment any time the land and its inhabitants began to move forward. Their alpha male, an especially mean looking beast named Stephan(pronounced the french way) Horper, was especially loud, worse even than the clans b*tches when they were in heat!

" We need to stop this thing called progress. It is taking away our ability to control these sheep. They're starting to think for themselves, and form opinions that differ from ours. It could mean the extinction of our kind. This 'progress' MUST be stopped at all costs!"

Now this Horper beast, wasn't really that stupid, and he began to formulate a plan. He decided that he would outwardly try to change his appearance and appear to be changing his normal troll-like demeanor. He decided to mingle more about the land and try to do the "smile" thing, and serve them treats, while trying to figure out where they were getting all of their information and what was important in their little minds. Once he discovered what made the people happy, he would pretend to gove in a little, but still voice his opinions, albeit in a milder tone. Then with help of Bash, the alpha male of the Repoobans, the Tonies of the neighboring land, he would ascend to power and steal this thing called "progress". He would also do away with free thought and opinion, so that he and his Tonies could rule without anger from the sheep of the land.

.......Will Horper Succeed? Stay Tuned as the Story Unfolds!
LOL! That is awesome! I love it!
Reverend Blair
more...we need more.
And the Plot Thickens (installment 2 of who knows how many

Now children (and other listeners), we all know that the only way to herd large quantities of sheep, is to have them surrounded by those that you feel comfortable with. Whil Horper decided to take some time out of the public eye and lick his woo-hoo...his buddy Bash filled in by jumping into the fray with his pack of trusty repoobans again.

Now Bash was always a loud, not so coherent kind of beast, always causing trouble with other clans caves and dwellings, trying to become the Ultimate Alpha Male...with control of the largest amount of sheep the land had ever seen. He'd spout lies about other clans sharpening their claws into illegal destructive points that could cause "mass destruction" to the members of other clans should they engage in battle. Yet through this, he did everything but ignore the Boon Laiden clan who were wreaking havoc in his own base land and killing his own sheep.

As the voices of dissent amongst the sheep grew louder and louder, Bash began to panic thinking that he may lose control of his own clan. He decided to attempt A "rule til incapable" clause that was met with widespread disproval because many thought he was completely off his rocker then. His next bright idea was to beef up the amount and have more of his most-trusted sheep herder brought closer to him and given more power, especially his friend Bilton. Generally an idea like this would have to meet with the approval of the clan's elders. As the bleating of dissent of the sheep grew louder still, Bash enacted an age old drum rhythm that would placate the elders, so that he could move Bilton moved into a higher social status without having to speak to the elders at all...

Will he succed? What will the nasty Bash do next? And what will Horper do when his woo-hoo is finally clean...and little Blaor what is this shifty little character doing with Bash?

Stay tuned....
i do accept suggestions for future installments BTW
..The world continues to turn and Horper decides to try to quash the voices of his dissenting sheep, by pretending to hear them.

In a not so bright move, Horper attempts to oust the current dominant Bartin Clan from the nicest cave in the land, close to the biggest festivity of the year. Leading up to this, he has tried to make himself more approachable by twisting his knarled face into a smile (which scared more than it impressed) and share meals with the sheep. He also tried to brand himself as a caring family beast, and pulled his mate from the shadowy realm in which they dwell.

Horper made buddy with other leading beasts, and knocked the leading Bartin from his plateau, and called for the sheep to choose a new leader, "giving them" choice for a new clan chief, when the general consensus of the land was to leave well enough alone, until after the full report of wrongdoings by Bartins predecessor and the rest of his entourage were exposed. Nonetheless, the decision was made.

Chest thumping matches were called, but subdued, and all the sheep watched without much interest, and many were questioning why Dusheep was included when, leaders of the Orange party were not, but chose to ignore much until the festive season was finished. The only ones really interested in what the Chiefs had to say at this particular time were the advisors. Make no mistake, the sheep kept their ears open, but were generally unimpressed.

What will the New Year Bring?

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