What's one of your best Blond Moments?

Ten Packs
(I must preface this, that I have occasional allergies, and keep Dristan nasal spray at hand at all times. I ALSO wear glasses, and used to have an ammonia-based spray-cleaner for them nearby, in a similar squeeze-bottle.)

Several years ago, I was watching TV one evening. With only my peripheral vision, I picked up the Dristan and squeezed/breathed in a good shot into one dry nostril.... except it wasn't the Dristan.

That tends to get your attention!!!

Reverend Blair
I once drove the hour and a half back from the farm with a load of firewood in a trailer. The problem is I forgot to hook the trailer up before I left, so I actually drove the hour and a half back with an empty truck.

Fortunately it was harvest time, so I was making the trip twice a week anyway.
Oh gawd... there are so MANY! I'll have to think about the best one, but for now, a most embarassing one:

A friend and I were clothes shopping. We got to the till and I looked down at these sexy little bikini panties in her pile. I picked them up and started teasing her, making a quite a to-do about it. I was horrified when I finally looked up to see my friend had gone to a different checkout and I was making a fuss over a stranger's undies! The clerk had a good laugh, tho.

Alas, I am famous for my blonde moments. My life is made up of a series of them!

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