Tall Ships Have Arrived

yup, after a year and a half of planning, the big boys are in town. i was out by esquimalt lagoon last night, they looked great, all moored out in the harbour, no sails up though. may head down to the inner harbour in a few minutes to take a peek at them entering the harbour. downtown is nuts. we have more than 10,000 people from alberta (gasp!) attending this event....i guess they haven't seen a sail boat...god only knows ...word gets out and before you know it.

one of the best things about this weekend will be the guest appearance of 'floatie'. he will be riding on his float/canoe around the big boys, promoting the fact we do not have a sewage treatment plant. needless to say, pea and myself will make a show of showing up also in our turd costumes, not a far reach for us, my they are flattering....i can't wait. i think the tall ship boys are trying to ban the big turd, but so far no luckee. he is pretty slippery and seems to go in circles everywhere.

all in all, a great weekend, great weather and great action on the harbour.

flattering or flatulating??? :P

good one pea, ya gotta love floatie though, man that guy shows up everywhere.....

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