Peapod's Palindrome Thread

YOu wanna what my who for how much with fucci's friend? you sick, sick man.
Vanni Fucci
Note buoy as UFO's by rot so Dero land a stop knit NASA. DNA web rise ton be Reno cradle. Tares a Maya wren rub as UFO's a Drac, I Pam ''it.'' Pace Poco two. He rust one of seven, an Eve's foe not sure how to cope. Capt...... I'm a Picard as of USA burner way a maser at Eld Arc. One Reb note sir, be wand as Ant ink pots. A DNA Lore do story BS of USA. You be ton.
Vanni Fucci
Drawn is Universal tacit. Symbolism armor from Rams I lob. Mystic Atlas rev in us...... inward.
Vanni Fucci
Red Dalai's Orb make Red to help pasts Apple. Hot Derek Ambrosia ladder.
Vanni Fucci
Code volt a ''devil'' foe dome. File not ale to help metal Sarah O'Hara's ''La Temple Hotel'' at one life mode of lived at love Doc.
Vanni Fucci
Warden: I frees foe, yet elixir tame be Matrix, I let eye of Seer fine draw.
Vanni Fucci
Till Lake Red Adam rare dips at arts, data be wise toned art, do go to God, trade notes. I web at ad strata. Spider Armada Derek all Lit.
Vanni Fucci
A buck sat ale, Bernie Mac delight Ron. A Daniel Amos Red legal fight row so full. A Red Romeo pot to let a Red. I cone gap order a dare Tracy Bateman. Strata be wise toned art fleece. I pot to debut pure volume date. Elf ad rib warn U.S. Draw put pew, sets a war again..... nail Earth girder. See Bigfoot Tom. Drowsy subtle contact I with. Gillians CIA somnia rot do glow on GI. Wren NATO fuse light Rae NASA. Bush cabinet live deliver Ops. Pal and I roam trade talk cab. Spot cap tacit Cat sub in monitoring.... is a Zeta ripple. Hot ET is Red now at a wonder site to help Pirate Zo sign. I rot in Omnibus tactic at pact Ops. Back late dart Maori DNA lap. Spore vile devil ten. I Bach sub as an Earth Giles UFO tanner wig. Now ol' God to rain Mosaic Snail Light. I wit. Cat no Celt busy sword motto of GI Bees. Red right Raelian Niagara waste swept upward. Sun raw Bird a fleet ad Emu lover up. Tube dot to piece Elf trade notes I web at arts name tab. Ye cart era dare, drop a genocide rate lot to poem order. All UFO's worth GI flag. Elder so male in ad. A north GI led..... came in rebel at..... ask Cuba.
Lapses? Order red roses, pal.

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