Wanted: '69 Chevy Impala - station wagon.....

ok guys, we are planning out our road trip. and what a road trip this will be we will be departing from sidney b.c. sometime early august and heading east - well, east as far as 'the rev'. hey rev - we are coming out for a visit, ok? we thought we could camp on your front lawn for a week of fun, sun and beer. not necessarily in that order.

Now, who is up for this impending trip? we will pick up on the way east and throw you in the back. damn kids, shut the hell up and let me keep my hands on the road...nah the wheel.

I am up at the board as gallymom but will probably show as the pea.

all aboard and let's go!!!!

just find me the car and point me in the right direction. scary

the mama has spoken.....
Reverend Blair
If the back is dry, we'll put you there Galiano. It's way prettier, at least when it's not a swamp. If it is a swamp, you can have the front. I'll also loan you exactly one dog for the duration of your stay.
Watch for the ant hills on the front lawn. They get mad when you sleep on them....or pass out on them.

I'll also loan you exactly one dog for the duration of your stay.

thanks rev, having two dogs of my own now, down from our normal three, i need a good dog around. i hope they are large, and therefore when you 'pat' their sides, they love it.....my good ol' dog does, but he is getting up there in years now, and one must be careful with the pats. the ol' small mutt of mine, who has been rebuilt a coupleof times to the tune of thousands of dollars just keeps motoring. she is a real bitch.

we really need to plan this trip, if no where else at least in our minds. what a trip it would be....hey zen we could meet you guys at the border and then head east. whoo hooo......time and money.....what a concept.
Dexter Sinister
You don't want to make that trip in a '69 Impala station wagon. You won't make it, it'll break down and strand you in the middle of nowhere between Calgary and Regina.

But you *do* want to make that trip. Get a Toyota, it'll get you there. And stop in Regina on the way to The Rev's in Winnipeg. You can pitch a tent in my back yard, and I'll buy some beer, and we can paint ourselves blue and dance naked around a fire. Ancient Celtic custom...

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