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I know how you don't like your name to appear in the thread topic line.....

But I had to ask...after last nights news....if you and the rest of Victoria are ok...

Cause it seems the full moon has affected a number of individuals yesterday who were driving....

So. You ok?
Oh! So you heard about that twila Yes I am okay...but as insects go...well we are the true suvivors You should post that story twinks! But you know it seems to happen alot in Victoria
I watch the Victoria news at 5 almost every day.....

It's an obsession...I have to know what's going on in my hometown.....I was extremely disturbed by last nights news.

My fiance told me a couple of weeks ago about the motorcyclist who cut in front of a large truck and was subsequently killed when the truck ran him over. I think it was Hillside this happened on.

Something's going on in Victoria......Too many much robbery...too much.
Well last year we were sitting outside at starbucks...and this elderly women gets into her car and instead of putting the car in reverse, she put it in drive and floored the gas peddle next thing you know, half of her car is sticking out of the card/lottery store. Shocking!!! Here is the story you were talking about.

Car mounts sidewalk, mows down pedestrians

Sandra McCulloch, with files from Chris Mason
Times Colonist

June 22, 2005

One person was killed and three adults and a toddler were injured Tuesday afternoon when a red sports car mowed them down on a Victoria sidewalk.

Police are investigating the possibility that the red car was involved in a street race when it hit the pedestrians, and are examining the role of a second car, said Victoria Police Const. Rick Anthony.

The carnage from the 2:45 p.m. crash at Pandora Avenue and Cook Street was like something out of the movies, shocked witnesses said. "It just brought me to tears," said Chris Shurety, who lives in an apartment above Wellburn's Market. He heard an enormous crash and ran downstairs to the street.

Witnesses said an older-model Nissan Pulsar NX sped west on Pandora, swung wide to turn north onto Cook, mounted the sidewalk in front of Wellburn's Market on the corner and hit a concrete garbage receptacle. Then it hit the people nearby, including a mother pushing a child in a stroller. The car also hit a bench near the store, dragging it at least five metres down the sidewalk.

Anthony said Tuesday night that the child was ready to be released from hospital and that his mother suffered fractures. A female was in critical condition and a man was in serious but stable condition. Anthony would not give the gender or age of the person who was killed, saying that not all family members had been notified.

Earlier, Shurety, still shaken after the crash, said, "There was a woman bleeding, gasping, with blood pouring out of her.

"There was very little movement out of her after about a minute. It was very sad to see. I didn't know what to do when somebody's that hurt. I've never seen anything like it before."

The mom and child nearby were struck by the car or debris, he said. "The mother was bleeding out of her nose."

Two older adults, a man and a woman, were on the ground, he said.

A group of young people nearby identified the driver of the red car as a high school student.

Robert Helme was standing in front of a barber shop a couple of doors from Wellburn's when the crash happened.

"He hit the garbage can ... and was going almost 75 km/h. He was revving the engine -- there was no way he was braking."

Helme said a woman in a purple shirt "got hit really hard."

"It was like a movie, the way the car came up on the sidewalk and people were flying all over the place."

After the car came to a stop, the driver got out of the vehicle, Helme said. "He didn't say anything."

The mother and child were able to walk to an ambulance, Helme said.

Victoria police officers swarmed the scene to close down the intersection. None of the three males in the red car was hurt, according to police. All three were taken to the police station for questioning.

"There's no indication of any alcohol involvement but that doesn't mean there wasn't," Anthony said. "We won't leave any stone unturned."

The curious gathered around the intersection following the crash to speculate over what happened. The sports car remained at the scene, with a flat front tire and a blue Pandora Avenue sign resting on its windshield.

Police were interviewing witnesses to piece together what happened.

Analysts remained at the scene into the evening, and the intersection was closed until about 8:30 p.m. A section of the parking lot in the shopping plaza across the street from where the accident took place was also closed during the investigation.
I attended cosmotology school on Hillside a long time ago...while learning how to put in extensions we heard a loud bang.

the entire class is looking out the window at a car that had shot across the street and planted itself into the side of our building!

I remember awhile ago about a lady who'd discovered a bee in her car and crashed while on Douglas Street (right down town)
My father inlaw had a guy jump under his semi trailer in Victoria He didn't even know till latter that day that he'd run the guy over and killed him .He still doesn't like to talk about it .IT wasn't his fault the guy commited suicide
That's terrible mrmom! What an *******! It's all well and good to commit the most selfish of acts but use somebody else for the end purpose....somebody you don't know...somebody innocent...that's fecked up!
right you are twila...we were just discussing this yesterday. my youngest is 18 and he has been driving for two years. we both notice how many people run yellow lights...okay, someone goes thru, then another car, and another and then maybe 2 thru the red light. it is downright scary. i take the bus home from work, and i am so aware now of everything around me.....

the accident that happened over on pandora yesterday afternoon was caused by one of my son's friends from school. just makes you feel heartbroken. that kid is totally f**ked for life. not only will he never get over it, he will never forget it either. it is so sad on every level.
I hate driving over there. Which is weird. Considering I live in the lower mainland. Most of my friends on the island think i'm braindamaged.

I'm sorry to hear that your son's friend was involved. It's unfortunate that 1 bad decision can ruin your life for good. Sometimes there are no second chances.
yeah, he was pretty upset last night about it. i really feel sorry for everyone involved. god, you can't even walk on a, we need to do something about this. i dunno what the solution is, 'cause every year at this time - it seems the end of the school year has something to do with it.

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