this sounds like it would hurt

Derry McKinney
"Attempt to connect to local computer using the Back Orifice Trojan Horse blocked."
Sounds like maybe your computer is coming on to you Derry.
Derry McKinney
Maybe it likes the way I fondle its keys?
You need a holiday derry
Derry McKinney
I am on holiday...I taught the dog to watch the goats.
Hey derry, I am gonna have one big chinook delivered to your door step next niece returns to the peg (she attends the UofM) to do a placement. This is not for your critters to eat either
What kind of goats you got over there Derry?

And do you really think your dog is going to be able to make them behave? I know goats. I had goats when I was young. Goats are just vegetarian dogs. And if your dogs is a lab then chances are the goats are far too smart for that dog to have any authority over them.
Derry McKinney
I have Cashmere goats, Twila. They make great pets and you can sheer them when you need beer money. The dog doesn't make them behave, it just watches them. Sometimes he tries to herd them, which works well until the goats get tired of the game.
The Cashmere breed are a good animal, its nice to see you working with them Derry.

I make no comment on the obvious way your opening post on the thread was taken. It's just baaaaddddd...........
Derry how many critters to you have down on the farm there??
Derry McKinney
Counting the gophers? About a dozen.

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