Hola Frito Lay!!!

Luck has nothing to do with it. Stealth and knowlege of the river is the only thing that will get you a silver bullet. Frito will drop by again....just don't ever get into a plane with him
I'd love to do some BC river fishing....
Hey frito..perhaps you should come back for a visit...I have started to invite some of your X's to the board...I am just waiting for lil coho to come along
bwhahahahhahahaha lil coho...are you reading frito lays adventures I am gonna call him up and tell him you are here...bwhahahhahahahahaha
hola! frito...lil coho is gone...probally the threads around here scared her off.
Frito lay
Frito lay
Hi Lil Coho, I see the Pit Bull has got you into no good. Beware as I have heard tell of wicked spells casted upon unfortunate souls with a opinion. lol lol lmfao )
Vanni Fucci

lil coho:

coo hill

loch oil

ill ocho

oo chill
Oi! we are at frito's house waiting for him to get off work for our fishing trip. Oi! you should see the naughty pics he has on this computer...I am gonna call his mom...glad bag....
....ring ring..
how many fish did you get Pea?
I have not gots any mom, we are just waiting for frito to get off work so we can go.....but I ehm...well....I spent way to much money today...on you know what...down at the sports store Hornby island...here I come We are staying over there mom.....wt???????? where does he find these pictures
Yes we did catch some fish mom, kinda sorta :P we did not hang around hornby, to much traffic Woot the hell is this place coming to, nothin but traffic outs there We bounce de bounce down to two fingers. Blah! Frito can tell the stories...frito gots the biggest chinook...a 30 pounder, or so he figures, as the only thing left was the head. hahahahahahahahahahhaaha

Nobody brings the home the slabs in nanamio anymore mom, yous gots to be lucky. Seals! mom..cleaver
seals, they are to. Seals have learned a new skill mom, and they are dam
good at it, only improving and honing that skill year after year, now they
are darn near stealth, able to cloak...leaving their calling card a head on
a hook. Ah! their cleverness will be there undoing, they have made a
dangerous enemy MAN, he does not stand a chance. So I say mr. whiskers if you
want my fish...have at her....bon appetit...... enjoy while you can....

Seals are friendly creatures, I knew one, he would come to the dock and take
the fish out of my hand, on these occassions I had the opportunity to look
into those eyes, yup there was something there, he knew it and I knew it.
But I did not appreciate him stealing my crabs out of my trap!
The hate for them grows stronger and and
stronger. Still tho, vey vey cleaver, perhaps they will make it.

2 toed hippy gots a 18 pounder in tack...anchovie+coyote spoon. Mostly tho mom is being out there a different world, you see things you don't see everyday, everything smells different, all the noise is different, all the critters are different. Its a different reality. Humors abound about the run starting up the alberni canal
You know that frito needs a slap upside the head This is the message he left on my answering machine:

press button....

What the **** do you have a answering machine....you never check your ******* messages! I not leaving a message!


calls frito's cell.......no answer....leave message...

Why the **** do you have a cell phone! You never answer the dam thing! I am not leaving a message!

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