I found instructions on my gum

That's right. My dentyne has instructions on how to use and enjoy their product.

They tell you to take 2 pieces of gum. 2! I did not know this. All this time I had only been taking 1 piece of gum.

They also recommend that you chew those 2 pieces for at least 5 minutes. I'm really glad they didn't say "no longer then 5 minutes"

Funny but they don't recommend NOT swallowing their product.
A kryptonite cross is better to have coz thenyou can keep both dracula and superman away.
Reverend Blair
I got a pocket full of Kryptonite.

Hmmm..think I'l listen to the Spin Doctors now.
I can't imagine wanting to keep superman away. And with regards to the vamp. What does he look like? Cause it does all depend on looks.....especially for the undead.
Isn't it sad that there have to be instructions on how to chew gum? Even sadder..quite a few Canadians can't read the instructions.
Even sadder then that is someone who needs the instructions.
Were the instructions in both official languages? Doublemint rules!
I'm having a harder time reading instructions lately. They're printing them a lot smaller than they used to.

I've been wondering about something else though... you know how when you wash your hair you're supposed to lather, rinse and repeat? How many times are you supposed to repeat? Suddenly the Costco jumbo bottles don't seem like such a deal....
Those stores are so large that the products seem smaller than they really are. Then,you get them home and..My God!They're enormous! I realized I had boughten a lifetime supply of Mayo
I bought a pizza for dinner once, and could barely fit the darned thing in my oven.
I Surrender!
Forget Superman, how do you keep Jehovah's Witnesses away?

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