He truely believes it will happen

He thinks He will get to go out.
It's not happened in 2 yrs and not at this house.

But He truely believes it will happen sometime.

This is how I know my cat thinks. He believes I will open not the front door. Not the other sliding glass door. Just the living room sliding glass door.

Only the sliding glass door in the living room does he races me to. He does't dart past my legs when the door opens and I don't stand back from the sliding glass door and let him out. Ever.

But he will race me to the door as if this is the time. He does this frequently and with much fuss. Because He believes It will happen.

This has to be the feline equivalent to dogs who get excited when you've been gone from sight for 4 minutes and act like it's been a lifetime seperation.

It's been awhile since I've been raced like this and since this activity has only started in the last 2 months it's still funny.
Vanni Fucci
...or maybe he wants to distract you from discovering the fact that he's been sharpening his claws on the venetian blinds...
Vanni. I'm beginning to think that you are suspicious of cats.
Vanni Fucci
Quote: Originally Posted by Twila

Vanni. I'm beginning to think that you are suspicious of cats.

Hah...the feeling is mutual...

...and I am far more unpredictable than they could ever dream...
Reverend Blair
My cats have all moved outside now that it's spring. My favourite is L'il Al. She lives in the garden out back. When we go out in the yard she follows us around.

and I am far more unpredictable than they could ever dream...

But are you predictable in your unpredictability?
Vanni Fucci
Quote: Originally Posted by Twila


and I am far more unpredictable than they could ever dream...

But are you predictable in your unpredictability?

...maybe not so much... :P
Dexter Sinister
Yes Twila, we have a cat like that too here at Chateau Sinister. We acquired him from an elderly lady who was moving to a place that didn't allow cats, and he'd have been euthanized (horrible euphemism: he'd have been killed) if we hadn't taken him in. I accepted, with very bad grace. The elderly lady had him castrated and declawed, so of course he's inclined to be a little cranky (well, wouldn't you be if you'd had your balls cut off [assuming you had them] and your fingernails pulled out?), but without claws it's not safe for him to be let out to roam the neighbourhood the way he wants to, he doesn't understand how defenseless he is. So he's an indoor cat, but has no clue why he has to be an indoor cat, and doesn't like it.

Understand now, I'm not fond of cats. They dig up and crap in my flower beds, kill the birds I try to attract to my yard, puke hairballs on my carpets, make horrible noises around the neighbourhood at night... But I'm not so heartless as to want to shoot them all (well, not on most days). This cat came into our house because of the piteous cries of my (at the time) pre-teen daughter. She swore it'd be her cat, she'd feed him, clean the litter box, exercise him, entertain him, yada yada yada ya sure... For those of you with teenage children, I hardly need to say this, but for the benefit of the childless: in five years she's fed him twice that I know of (I'm the food guy) and cleaned the litter box maybe six times, under heavy parental pressure.

But I digress, as I often do. He thinks he should be let outside, and will run with me to the back door in eager anticipation, and hiss when I nudge him away from the door with my foot. He's managed to escape a few times, and rarely goes farther than lurking in the junipers by the fence, so most of the time it'd probably be safe to let him out, but I can't do it with a clear conscience. There are other cats around, some of them much bigger than he is, with claws, so all I feel safe in doing is letting him out on a leash when I'm also outside. He doesn't like the leash much either, though he seems pretty much resigned to it, and I don't blame him for that. I wouldn't like it either.

Nor do I like him much, frankly, because he's a cat and I'm suspicious of all cats (can you really own a cat? I don't think so; they'll let you live in their house with them) but I feel I have to protect him from his own ignorance of his weaknesses.

His name's Baxter. I call him Bastard. He can't tell the difference.
I went out with a bastard once named baxter...well its never just one bastard is it :P
Dex. My dad is not a cat man. He has claimed dislike for the felines since I can remember.

With 2 older sisters and myself a cat lover he was continuously bombarded with pleas to protect and house just 1 more poor cat.

Most of the time the limit was 2 cats. At certain points growing up it was 3. Some were hit by cars (cause they had to go outside sometimes) and most simply passed from old age or infirmities that required too much money and too much pain on the animal to justify.

Every single cat or kitten that was brought into the house has found a spot on my dads shoulder for sleeping. lap for cuddling and would follow my dad around like he was their god.

Dex. Your Baxstard and you most probably have a "relationship" that is comfortable to both of you and would be missed should it disappear. Cats are funny. They're like men. Won't admit they have feelings for the most part.
I have an old cat, he's been around going on fourteen years now.
He comes and goes as he pleases, and he is as damngrumpy as I am.
At one time here on the farm we must have had l5 cats or more, but all but otis have become victims of wild animals.
This old guy sleeps all day and catches mice all night. The only time the prey got him he got away and it cost us over five hundred bucks to patch him up. Even though he views us as lesser beings, twice a day he comes over to be nice for a few minutes.
He's been around a long time and the grandkids no matter how old they get they ask about him.
Dexter Sinister
Quote: Originally Posted by Twila

Your Baxstard and you most probably have a "relationship" that is comfortable...

You know *WAY* too much, Twila...

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